Friday, December 14, 2012

A Serendipitous Saturday Morning

So, Michael was going to volunteer to photograph a local breast-cancer walk.  He was going to go by himself and I was going to stay home with sleeping Mila and edit photos while Aveah went off to play with her Saturday morning friend Halle.  But, at the last minute her friend had to cancel because of sickness.  So Michael had to return home with Avi, real quick and drop her off, and head to the shoot, but I was still in bed with Mila!  I didn't want to stay home with both kids like I do everyday all day so I said can I go with you Michael? He said you have two minutes!  I got Mila and me dressed and hopped out the door and off we sped to SLO!  (Heck, I just wore the clothes that were on the ground that I had worn out on a date with Michael the night before - which was a nice little black dress my grandma got me for my birthday!)  It was a little stressful - Michael was late already due to us!  We dropped Michael off at the site, and I went to park and find some food and coffee!  Well, after the coffee I finally woke up and it turned out to be a beautiful morning and lots of fun hanging out with Michael, the girls and hundreds of pumped up people participating in the race.  Avi danced around the stage once the crowds cleared out. Mila breast fed, I'll say that again - she breast fed.  (Gotta love breasts and what they are meant for!)  And, since Michael already had the camera out we captured some lasting loving memories.  

This is breastfeeding a 4-month-old while having a 3-year-old.

Avi comes in to give us both love.

Look at them together!

God, thank You for my handsome husband!

Oh, and after I parked but before I got my coffee, I forgot to pay the meter. Well, when I got back to the car I had a ticket for $33.  Argh! Donating our time for volunteer photos and getting a ticket - the karma just didn't add up...  So, I wrote the SLO Co. Parking Admin and asked for grace explaining our reasons for being downtown and our crazy morning.  And guess what?  we got our ticket "dismissed as a one-time courtesy in the interests of Justice."  Cool.

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  1. Glad you guys BOTH made it!! You captured the event perfectly. XO!