Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012

her choice

Mila's newborn shoot.

wine tasting date with mila, mommy and daddy!

 TN 4th of July party

She was kicking and screaming at the table, so we had her sit aside while we finished our meal...

Molly sang at this event.

a fancy date night but I just wanted to get home to my Mila, so we left early.

Breakfast with Gigi, Brant, Aryn, and Finn!

Oh, you know.  Just biking with 3 kids in tow.

Everyday is a day of "firsts" but today was a first haircut for Avi and Mila's first weigh-in at the pediatrician. 

snuck into Corrin's house to pump during a wedding shoot.  

How we survive parenthood sometimes.  A nice sunny day at happy hour overlooking the ocean and let the kids run in the grass and play!

Shakespeare by the lake!  Great date!

"Processing" our chickens.

Oh, Grammy, we love you!

caught him napping!

Kendall, Avi and Kate

Mommy got some time to herself.  Thank you, Michael!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Little Lover

Avi, tonight I put you in bed and started to walk away and you said, "Mommy, don't go." You usually don't say this, so my heart strings were pulling me back into your room, then into your bed. I curled on my side, spooning your entire little body, my nose nuzzled into your left cheek, your left arm between the mattress and my neck. You were quiet and so was I. The room was dark except for the blue hint from your nightlight. Every few minutes, I would give you a kiss or you would turn and give me one. Once, as if timed by the stars, we both gave each other a synchronized kiss. I wrapped my arms tighter around you & you smiled at me with no words. I was deeply happy - drunk on this content feeling of having my love next to me.

When your daddy and I first met, we wanted our friendship to be first, so we didn't do much other than kiss, snuggle & hug. At night, we would hold each other for hours until one had to leave to go home & sleep for the night. Leaving each other was so hard because the gentle embrace we silently shared was so pure, so bright, so peaceful & full of everything that was anything...

Tonight, when I whispered in your ear that I'd have to leave soon, I felt that same deep sadness, that same longing for this perfectly content moment to last forever. Oh, how I wish I had a hundred lifetimes to live by you side, my little lover.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mila Newborn Photo Session!

Just 4 days old... Thanks Rachel Neumann Photography!