Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012

Visiting James and Paula when they lived at Avila Hot Springs for the short summer.  James was smitten with Mila.  

Avi's first protest!  For public breastfeeding rights (in front of Victoria's Secret).

That time everyone was sleeping and I had a moment to work (literally a moment, because after I took this picture, Mila woke up!)  In fact, Avi stopped napping soon after Mila was born, so we never got "free time" during the day as parents.  

Avi and Dorian playing chopsticks.

a portrait of Avi I took right before she left to spend a week in Fresno with her grandparents while we bonded with Mila.  Oh, my heart aches even now, seeing this picture.  She's such a sweetie - it's hard to share her with anyone else - I want her all for myself!

Goodbye to sis, before she leaves.

Chubby chubby love.

baby buddha.

Michael cooing to Mila at Sal's sandwich shop.

Going on our "trip" to San Luis.  Our big trip for the summer!  Ha!  Micheal has our stuff  on back and I have our baby on front.

Taking the train from Grover Beach to San Luis Obispo!

Our cute little room accessory at the bed and breakfast.

At a work/photography event with Mila.  Everyone swooned over her.

Meeting Madaline (on left) for the first time - they are just 6 days apart!

Avi, Troy (the wonder boy) and Caiden.

Swimming with Sitti!

Hiking with Zach and Wendy on the Avila Ridge trail.

Went to the Paso waterpark - while Gigi held Mila!

Kids event at Tierra Nueva!

Avi told Mimi she wanted to wear her "zucchini''!

at the zoo with Sitti!

made matching game toy for Tessa who was in the hospital.  

Boppy with his iBaby.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Little Drug

Mila, you are a drug to me.  When you are nursing or when I hold you in my arms, looking down at you I feel all silly and happy inside.  You are instantly satisfying.   I get a rush of joy just looking into your eyes.  Sometimes, I even get tears of joy just by talking to your chubby, round face.  Often, you will coo and "talk" back to me and we will have conversations about the world and all that is in it.   I love you, my Little Happy Pill.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photoshoots - July 2012

Since Mila has been born, we haven't gone farther than Cambria.  We've spent all summer at home, play with Avi, relaxing with Mila and photographing and editing.  It has been a slow paced summer but still somehow busy!
Mila asleep at 4 weeks old.  There are few things better than seeing your baby peacefully asleep.

Our other "baby" asleep.  I came in to wake Avi from a nap because her friend had come to visit and found her asleep like this.  It's so funny how little kids do things - I just had to take a picture!

 On July 4 we did a photo shoot for Mila's birth announcement.  The following pictures are the result:

 I love the juxtaposition of the toddler and the newborn on this one.

The following pictures are from July 17 - Mila's about 6 weeks old here:

 "Nursing" on daddy.

Avi LOVES to kiss on Mila.

Testing out a new camera I got on July 21st before a wedding.  Here Avi is playing in our newly designed and planted side yard:

 Even though she's SO big compared to Mila, she's still my little girl.