Friday, December 24, 2010

Avi's gettting a new cousin!

Announcing K.F.C. (Kaiser Fallopian Campbell) "Little One" Pedersen! (Okay, I've gotta explain that name. The ultrasound picture was done at Kaiser Hospital in Campbell, hence the Kaiser Campbell. Then, I, Maren, started calling the baby "Fallopian" because we don't know what gender the baby is. So, put the 3 names together in the most logical way, and you have KFC!)

Brant and Aryn shared yesterday that they are expecting their first child in June 2011! They were showing us pictures of their recent trip to Japan, when all of a sudden this ultrasound picture popped up! I knew exactly what is was - in fact, I had a hunch Aryn was pregnant because she didn't have any beer when we got a little 12 cup keg of NewCastle when they were visiting on Thanksgiving. (How could Aryn - Irish Aryn - resist freshly tapped draught beer?!) So, I had my suspicions!

We are so excited! Now I will finally get to make fun of my brother's parenting style, like he has done of mine for the last 2 years! No really, it's going to be so great having another little one around! Avi can't wait!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Our sleeping angel - she was GREAT on the 3 flights over there! Maren got the cheapest flight available, but it meant 3 flights and 13 hours of airports and airplanes. One item in our parent survival kit was our iPhone- stocked with baby videos.

The River that was just steps from our first cottage. This property was amazing! At night, you could only hear the rushing of the river and the crickets - it was like being totally immersed in nature! The stars were bright and in multitude, and we happened to be there during a full moon.

One morning we put this rainsuit on Avi because the dew on the grass was so much. I think this was the only time she wore it! We had great weather - hardly any rain at all!

Our cottage in the background.

Maren & Avi on the patio (lanai) of the cottage.

We drove by this everyday to get to our cottage. It is a taro field.

Hanalei Valley. If you follow the river in the center of this picture up 2 miles you would get to our cottage on the right.

Celebrating my "3" "1" (i.e. 31st) birthday!

Anini Beach. The first beach we went to. Gorgeous, tranquil, warm, practically deserted. Ahhh....

Ke'e Beach. The most beautiful beach in my opinion because of the stark contrast of the view of Bali Hai in the background and the Na Pali Coastline. This is the beach where a reef protects it, so we went snorkeling. Michael cruised around with a sea turtle here for a couple of minutes. Maren saw the sea turtle, but it just swam away from her!

Sand sticks to sunscreen lotion legs! Avi got a tan, even though we dressed her in SPF 50 clothing and 45SPF sunscreen.

Notice the rooster on Ke'e Beach?

Heading south on Ke'e Beach.

Looking north on Ke'e Beach at the Na Pali Coast.

Hiking the first 1.5 miles on the Na Pali Coast with Avi. Here we made it to the first veiwpoint. We are looking down on Ke'e Beach.

This trail was really steep in places.

Bali Hai will call you...

Did I say this trail was steep in places? Steep and wet!

Avi loved the hike! On the way back, Mommy carried Avi and taught Avi how to "squeeze" mommy tight. Avi thought that was so much fun - she'd wrap her arms as far around mommy's stomach as she could and then squeeze with all her might - which isn't that much...

This picture is to remind us of the night we DIDN'T eat out at the St. Regis. We got all dressed up and went to the fanciest hotel on the island for one nice meal. Well, Avi was so excited to be there, she couldn't sit still. After being there for 10 minutes, we decided this maybe wasn't the best idea with a toddling 16 month old... so we headed home.

Hawaii is all about the Mai Tais!

Since we live on a avocado orchard, we thought we'd seen them all (when it comes to avocados), but aparently not! This avocado was larger than Avi's torso!

Fresh Hawaiian Papaya - Avi and Daddy loved it!

At the top of a mountain overlooking Hanalei Valley and Bay. Avi got tired of hiking and fed the last part of the way in the ergo baby.

At the bottom of the same hike, Maren stripped down to her bathing suit for this quintessential nature shot. She's been wanting to do this since her friend Tomas went to Kauai in college and came back with a similar picture of himself. Thanks to Michael for being such a good sport about this!

The covering leaf - up close and personal.

We met Hawk, an old Taylor Camp resident, in the tiny town of Hanalei. We asked this Hawk if he'd take a picture with our "Dove".

Looking out for Daddy who is paddle boarding in Hanalei.

Ironic that this is the only picture of any of us on a surfboard, and Avi is the only one of us who didn't surf. But she does look cute on that board!

Hanalei Bay and Peir in the background.

The path to Tunnels, snorkeling spot.

Walking with Avi in the sling on the beach.

Maren snorkeling.

Avi watching Mommy dance for her on the beach.

A chilling sea turtle.

Cool sand formations caused by the waves.

Avi reading a book in the car.

Michael about to take off in a "trike" - a motorized hang-glider. Both Maren and Michael took turns flying for an hour from Hanapepe. We saw basically the entire East side of the island. See next post for more pictures.

Big rainbow while waiting for our flights in Hanapepe.

On a train that took us through an old sugar plantation.

Avi got to see...


nosey bulls,

and ducks, geese, chickens, goats and about 30 different fruit trees and plants from the train. (Did you know pineapple grow from plants on the ground and it takes 2 years to grow one pineapple?)

Climbing the steps while daddy is tasting rum at the Koloa Rum tasting room.

Chickens were EVERYWHERE on the island. The 1992 hurricane set them free from their cages, and with no predators, the chickens are prolific!

Lydgate State Park. This was a great beach for kids on the East shore.

Avi didn't enjoy the waves too much, they often frightened her. But she was much more tolerant of them at the end of the trip then she was at the beginning.

At a (Hindu?) temple in Kapaa. This place was gorgeous!

We had to wear sarongs while on the temple grounds. Here Michael is sporting a sexy blue sarong.

The view from our second home, a wonderful condo, in Kapaa. Notice how you can see the ocean? Only $88/night, included: 1 bedroom with California king bed, bathroom with a full washer/dryer, fully stocked kitchen and living room.

I'm embarrassed to say this, but this is my first Thanksgiving meal I've cooked. Every year, my mom or mother-in-law cooks Thanksgiving, so I've never had to cook. Well, this was my first thanksgiving - and I had to do with what I could get at the grocery store for cheap and not worry about wasting what we couldn't finish. Rice and veggies were the side to Turkey Spam (in tribute to Hawaiian Spam lovers everywhere; plus Michael was craving the novelty of a Spam-sponsored Thanksgiving).

When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Hawaii, eat Spam.

The toddler Avi is drawfted in contrast with Bali Hai in the background.

Michael and Avi at the mouth of a dry cave.

Maren and Avi at the base of a fantastic rock mountain that shot straight up!

The view from our third home, a hotel room at the Outrigger in Kapaa. This lazy river pool, complete with 2 small waterslides, a swimming cave, and a real sand toddler beach was awesome!

Despite all the cool amenities the pool provided, Avi liked to hang out in the 94 degree kid hot tub the most!

More Mai Tai's!

Cruising along the Coconut Coast.

Yeah, the helmet they provided didn't fit Avi too snug.

Notice Avi asleep in the back? Her head was hanging straight down - it is amazing how kids can sleep anywhere if they are tired enough.

Flowers from a blooming tree.

Avi made good friends with this Thai lady. She gave Avi all kinds of fruit for free, including: tiny bananas, starfruit, tangerines, coconut, pineapple, and papaya. Avi loved it all!

Avi graced with the Hawaiian plumeria...

The sunrise on the morning we left.

Asleep on the plane on the way home.