Thursday, April 21, 2011

April days.

 Avi learned how to get both feet off the ground (i.e. jump) about a month ago.  Now, she is the toddler master at jumping - especially on the trampoline (which she says as "tam-o-eeen.")

 I don't know why Avi does this finger-in-the-mouth thing, but she's done it for half of her life at least!  Is she teething?  Is it a comfort thing?  Does she just like the taste of her finger?

 Avi had a blast when our friends Steve and Jamie came over for dinner the other night.  You can't tell by this picture, but Avi was laughing, LAUGHING, L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G all night long!  It was so cute!

Playdate at Avi's house!  Olivia (Libya, as Avi says), Avi, Bella, and Denver up top.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bedtime rituals

Avi has a good life... She eats, sometimes bathes, always gets a story and a breastfeeding before she curls up in bed with her "lovey" and falls asleep for (this is the best) 11-12 straight hours!  Yes, Avi is finally, finally, finally sleeping through the night!

 Reading with Daddy.  Avi will now say "lap", meaning she wants to sit on our lap to read.

 Uh oh!  Avi is getting sleepy - as seen in the inevitable rubbing of the eyes!

Brush those teeth!  Avi doesn't always have this much fun brushing her teeth.  In fact, we have to sometimes hold her down and even then we can only get a few good swipes at her pearly whites.  She is at a point where she wants to brush her own teeth.  The only problem with that is she often brushes the outside of her mouth better than the inside!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Santa Barbara Zoo with Dorian, Penelope & Brian!

Our friends, who we actually knew B.A. (before Avi), invited us to go to the Santa Barbara zoo on a day trip with them.  So, we carpooled down there and made a day trip out of it.  The weather was slightly drizzling, but that kept the crowds at home.  We packed a lunch and ate on the grassy hill while the kids played in between bites.  They both took a nap in their strollers, somewhere between the rattlesnake exhibit and the gorillas.  They were happy, we were happy!

 One little mokey - the cutest of them all!

 An elephant in the background.

 Mommy and Avi feeding the giraffe.  Fun!
 It cost $5 for 3 small pieces of lettuce!  We figured that this giraffe made about $150 an hour!

 Giraffe eyelashes... now I know where that $150/hour goes: to mascara!

 Giraffe tongue, black and rough.

 Getting suited for the rain.

 Penelope helped rock Avi to sleep in her stroller. Thanks, Penelope!

Avi and mama sad that it is time to leave...

The Shoe Fetish Continues...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Snap shots in Avi's everyday life, #192

 We get to look at this good-looking man all day long!

 Avi getting bathed in Sitti's bath with Daddy next to her.

 I thought Avi was so clever here.  She put TWO straws together and sucked her almond chocolate milk through them both.  Pretty skillful for a 20-month old!

 Everyday, literally every day, Avi puts on her parents shoes.  This always looks so funny to us, but these Ugg boots shots had us laughing the most!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Parent Participation, Part II.

Michael visited Parent Participation with us last week and thus our camera came, too.

 Learning new songs.

 Interacting with the songs and their movements.

 Macy, Tessa, Avi.  They usually look more excited than this photo shows.  

 Macy and Avi.  These two are laughing buddies!  You put them together, and they will start cracking up over anything!  It is absolutely adorable to watch them play and laugh.

 Tessa, Avi & Macy looking at a "rolly poley" bug in Corrin's hand.

 Avi trying to touch the bug.

 Avi in the swing with Cousin Kendall in the background.

 All the girls on the swings!  This was a hard shot to get, and it still isn't that great... Try to get 4 toddlers to look your way at the same time!

 Poster girls for Parent Participation: Tessa, Kendall, Macy & Avi.

Kendall imitating Mommy Sarah by holding her purse the same exact way! Sarah is about 4 months pregnant in this photo.  We just found out she is having a girl!