Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kauai 2015!

this is at about 6am - we'd been up since 4am!

I flew over with everyone except Michael.  He had to work a little longer.  I was nervous, but Mimi and Aryn were a BIG help!  So were iPads (and paci's for Mila)!

Mila fell asleep in Mimi's arms.

First beach we visited just half an hour after arriving!  So fun!

already naked!

these two turtles were only about 8' from us.  they swam right up to each other and kissed!  sooooo cool!

Dani and Mila.  We got to meet up with Dani for an afternoon.  I love this beach!

Driving home from the epic beach - Queen's Pond - with Mila and Ziah.  Ziah cried the whole way unless I reached around backwards and put my finger in her mouth as a pacifier.  Man was my arm sore after the 45 minute drive back to the condo!

Mimi and Boppy are so generous - they pay for all the lodging, the food and other sweet treats.  We had to pay our airfare and car rental.  Thankfully, Finn covered the tip for the train ride.  But seriously, I'm so grateful for Mimi and Boppy - this is the best presents - spending time in each other's presence (in the presence of total beauty)!

kombucha bar!

Avi: See the horse, Mommy?

This house is so awesome!

the hunt begins!

Brant kite surfing

Hiking date on the NaPali Coast!

the morning routine!

drooling baby!

first wave!

Aveah and Finn had a blast!

Go, Mimi!

making lamb pops!

"le royal stretch"

Mimi and Boppy took us out to a nice dinner.  Ziah came and was an angel and fell asleep in Mimi's arms.  It was a little cold so we used a cloth napkin as a blanket!  

hiking to Queen's bath

Queen's bath!

Mimi and Boppy watched the girls so that we could swim.  Thanks!

They had such a blast driving through the hole of the tube!  Aryn and Brant went out to dinner with Mimi and Boppy.  The kids played for about half the time in the spa!

Oh, I love this girl!

getting lost again!  hee hee!

We found a cool rope swing.  Didn't have swimsuits.

mai tai time.  all day long!  

Dr Pedersen working on dad's knee

there's two sleeping boys under those towels

a baby sleeping under there!

That time Brant and Aryn got competed a free night at the fanciest hotel and they invited us to swim all day!

feeding koi!

Mila flew back two days early with Michael, so that I could fly home with only 2 kids instead of 3.  Good thing, too, since Avi got sick on the flight home.  Here's the stroller loaded down with all our stuff and a sick Avi (and picture Ziah on my front and another bag on my back)!