Friday, June 25, 2010

Working with Avi

I think I've posted before about wearing Avi during a shoot, but I love it so much I have to post again! These pictures were taken without me even knowing it, and when I got them, my heart melted. She is such a good little helper. She just remains quiet and curious during the shoot, then afterwards, woos everyone with her cute face and little words. I love my job! I really, really love my job when wearing my baby!

a day in the life of a soon-to-be one-year-old

In two days, Avi turns a year old. I can't believe it, and at the same time, it seems so natural. She's doing so many new things everyday... so many, I can't write them all down. So, I'll just share what she did yesterday. She pointed to a book and moaned/talked/grunted. I got her the book and she was happy. Later, she repeated the same thing for food and for a stuffed animal. She may have been doing this for a while, but yesterday, it became very apparent what she wanted and that she was clearly communicating her desires. Also, yesterday, she started "cruising" comfortably along the couch. Michael said she started standing on her hands and feet and looking upside-down through her legs yesterday, too! So many fun developments everyday!

Today, I will write Aveah a note. I hope to write her a note each year on her birthday, telling her all the special things that happened that year in her life. This blog, of course is a note to her and to all her siblings yet to come. (No, we don't know how many more there are to be.)

Avi about 360 days ago.

Avi about 10 days ago.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aveah stands!

Today, right in front of our (amazed and proud) eyes, Avi stood on her own. Here's how the break-down of thousands of muscles fibers, millions of synapses, and days of dedicated practice worked out to get her to this momentous point in her life.

She was on her knees and hands. Slowly she lifted her knees off the ground. Then, tentatively lifted one hand in the air, while crouched , knees still bent, doubled at the waist. Finally, in a second of glory, lifted that remaining hand off the ground and began to stand up erect. Four adults (including her two parents) witnessed this gigantic feat of infancy and all four cheered when she stood among us (for the first time in her life). Immediately, she began crying: Why were we all screaming at her? After a few hugs from Ma & Pa she was ready to be let down on the ground again, but alas, no more miracles to perform in this day.