Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tongue to Toes

"Tongue to toes" is a new yoga pose that Avi is fond of doing. She also just likes they way they feel in her mouth. If she's upset, you can lay her on the ground, take off her socks, and she will instantly forget what she was crying about and be absorbed with her little friends that will immediately find their way to her mouth.

Sitting up!

(because Michael would kill me if I didn't censor)

At age 6 and a half months, Avi began to sit up unassisted! This "new trick" makes her very happy and makes all those around her smile. I love all these new milestones!

Speaking of milestones, Avi went to the doctor for her 7-9 month wellness check and he asked if she was rolling over. I said "no" but she is sitting up. He said she will not roll-over then. I asked, what did he mean? The doctor stated that since she is sitting up, which requires more advanced motor control, she has "bypassed" rolling over! I don't know if I like the sound of her not being able to roll over, but since then I've heard of several moms whose babies did the same (and all the babies are fine now). So, I guess I won't be loosing sleep over it - I don't get enough sleep as it is!

Avocado Craziness

This is what happens when you give control of the spoon to an unexperienced eater.

That's right, she ate this whole thing: half of an avocado. I think that is actually larger than her stomach.

"I know I'm naughty, but I also know I'm cute and I can get away with it!"

Avi started trying new foods when she was around 7 months old. Rice cereal was boring so we expanded immediately to bananas (which she loved). Three days later we tried avocados. She L-O-V-E-D them. In fact, she loved it so much, she ate half an avocado in one sitting! Mommy didn't realize you should introduce a little bit to a baby at first. Well, the next day, Avi woke with a funny rash on her face and chest, and a little swollen around the eyes! Ooops!

Why I Keep You

Avi, You've tested my patience this last week. You'd cry for no reason all day long. You'd scream when I'd set you down. You wouldn't sleep at night, and you wouldn't sleep during the day. I had to carry you around all day long. My back was so sore! The worst was you didn't even smile. You had a sad, sorrowful look on your face all week. What was wrong with you? Were you teething? We didn't see any new teeth coming. Were you sick? There was no runny nose. Whatever it was, I finally succumbed to giving you tylenol - something I was utterly against - but what was I to do when you woke up screaming after only being asleep for 30 minutes, and it took us 90 minutes to get you calm enough to sleep?!? One night, you woke up every 30 minutes, and mommy's breast was the only thing that would put you back to sleep. That meant mommy only got 10 minutes of sleep at a time. Your wonderful father took you for 4 hours that night so I could get some sleep, which meant he got no sleep and instead several hours of walking you around while you cried in his arms. But, I decided to keep you. Why? Because one smile from you is enough to endure 10 weeks of bad sleep. Because one coo from your happy morning mouth suffices for 10 hours of screaming. Because one look at your peacefully sleeping face reminds me that angels do exist - right here, on earth, in my bed, next to my exhausted body and satisfied soul.

Because I've been so exhausted the last couple of weeks, I haven't had time to do daily post or even weekly ones. Here's a random assortment of what's been going on in your life in between the brief sleeping episodes.

Great Auntie Carmella, You, Mommy holding your cousin Karrimen

Look who ended up in the laundry!

Your new bath tub!

At your dedication.

Playing the piano.

Snuggling in the sling.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hiking Class

Avi and I have been taking a hiking class via the local adult education program for 4 months now. Avi loves to hike! Well, more aptly put, Avi loves to have mommy hike while she either looks at all the beautiful nature on the Central Coast or sleeps soundly while mommy sweats up hills and toils down trails.

Avi and Maren are on the bottom left. See Avi's smile? (Cousins Kendall and Sarah are right above and to the left of Avi.) Usually, our class is not this large, but we had a great turn-out this day. Unfortunately, it was also the day that we hiked through mud, creeks, and poison oak (which one mom contracted). Otherwise, it was a beautiful day! Reservoir Canyon Waterfall is in the background.