Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hiking Class

Avi and I have been taking a hiking class via the local adult education program for 4 months now. Avi loves to hike! Well, more aptly put, Avi loves to have mommy hike while she either looks at all the beautiful nature on the Central Coast or sleeps soundly while mommy sweats up hills and toils down trails.

Avi and Maren are on the bottom left. See Avi's smile? (Cousins Kendall and Sarah are right above and to the left of Avi.) Usually, our class is not this large, but we had a great turn-out this day. Unfortunately, it was also the day that we hiked through mud, creeks, and poison oak (which one mom contracted). Otherwise, it was a beautiful day! Reservoir Canyon Waterfall is in the background.

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