Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Circus.

We went to the traveling circus in San Luis Obispo this July.  It was a warm day, but scorching inside the tent with no AC, fans or ventilation.  Avi sweat most of the time.  We had to give her a constant supply of ice cones and cold beverages.  That didn't stop her from having fun, though!

 Before the show, we got to go on stage and play with hula hoops, peacock feathers, and scarves.  Avi was a great peformer!

 Macy, Avi, and Tessa on stage.

Avi sweating but still enjoying sharing an ice cone with Macy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Avila Barn with Sitti

Sitti came and visited us for several days during Avi's birthday.  It was great having her there - Avi loved it, Maren loved it, Michael loved it!  Thanks, Sitti for coming!  We took her to the Barn with us for class one morning.  She got to help Avi feed the animals, ride on the tractor, and she took pictures of Avi while we were singing during circle time.  

Aveah and her friend Tessa.

Sarah P and Kendall, Tessa and Sarah R, Maren and Aveah and Sitti, Sarah R and Jacob on the bottom.

Ring around the Rosey.

Sitti took this picture!  Isn't it darling?!

They gave all the kids free ice cream because there weren't enough peaches on the trees to pick. Avi wasn't too upset! Wink, wink.
Tessa, Aveah (happy as a clam), and Millie.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aveah Dove's 2nd Birthday. Or, Whoa - where did the time go?

Being Two is all about being messy and having fun!  So, Avi's second birthday party was themed around that idea: let's get messy!  We bought 100 pounds of white flour (for $78!) and filled two kiddy pools and let the kids explore! 

Avi is taking a break to munch.  If she looks a little pale, it's because she has flour all over her face!

 Polly, Maren, Aveah.

Back row: Mimi, Paula, Ashley, Steph R.  Front row: Amie, Polly, Avi, and Maren.

 We had to use a blower to get all the extra flour out from all the hair and clothes, otherwise the flour mixed with water during bath-time would turn into goppy-gooey-sticky trouble!

 As you can see in this picture, there was a LOT of white flour in the air!

 Heather, Halle, Avi.  Watermelon was a big hit at this party!

 Maren got too close to the kids playing in the pools and got flour all over her face. Oh, well!

 The older kids would run around and watch the flour fall, no fly, off of them!

 Kit enjoyed watching the kids play in the flour pools.

 Gigi Louise and Dan.

 The top of Nicolas's head - covered with flour, of course!

 Aveah, Maren, and Tessa getting blown by the blower.  Pacha and Millie in the background watching.

 Rebecca, Maren, Aveah, and Mimi.

 Avi ate about half the frosting and then was done with her cupcake.  She's not used to that much sugar!

 Millie, Avi, Halle.

 Mimi dared get in the flour pool at one point!

 Frank gave Avi beautiful flowers!

 Finally, near the end of the party, Avi felt comfortable hanging out and playing in the pool.  At first, she was more tentative.

 Avi got lots of wondeful presents from her family and friends.  This is one present: a hand-knit hat and skirt by her neighbor Kit (she above picture).  

Aveah on June 27, 2011.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Joy. And Mommy Abuse.

Avi brings me so much joy.  When I think of her, and Michael's around, I always say, "Thanks for giving her to me, she's the best present in the world."  He'll reply with something like, "She's the best..." and get a dreamy, far-away look in his eye and then repeat an endearing tale of something cute she did earlier that day.  We are totally smitten and in love.  

We each express our love to her in different ways. Mommy likes to be sort of rough, and throw her around on the bed or couch and nibble on her feet, belly, neck, arms, anything!  Avi loves it.  Her giggle is uncontrollable and totally infectious!  She can handle all the abuse love!

Garden Party

We celebrated Memorial Day (yes, I'm very behind with updating the blog) with our neighbors and friends in our garden.  This year, Avi and Mommy are growing: tomatoes, carrots, corn, zuchinni, kale, chives, lettuce, butternut squash, pole beans, beets, lipstick peppers, and...  We are very excited about harvesting!

Maren's contribution to the party: bruschetta with goat cheese and marscapone spread, pickeled figs, and olive oil pistachio toppings. (Honors go to Sarah Roos for making this first, Maren just stole the good idea.)

 The chickens were invited, but had to stay in their coop.

 We had a good turn out - about 30 people!

 Our garden beginning to grow!

I also made Tierra Nueva Tea (a.k.a. Sarah Roos's Tea!).  I call it TN Tea because I'm able to get all the ingredients at Tierra Nueva: lemon vebena, lavendar, mint.  Yummy!