Monday, May 30, 2011

Aryn's Baby Shower!

My mom and me hosted a shower for Aryn, who will be having my first niece or nephew soon!  It was a lovely shower in Fresno with friend, family, food, laughter, and wine!

My mom found these amazing tulips for centerpieces at Trader Joe's.

Aryn and Brant's baby is due June 25.  Should the baby decide to come on June 27, s/he would share her/his birthday with Julana, Aveah and Dar, who are also born on June 27!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Horsin' Around

 I love how Avi is sticking out her tongue in this picture.  Is it because she is really concentrating or is it because she is empathetically feeling for the colt who is trying to grab the carrot with his tongue...

 May 21, 2011... the rapture hit our family.  Michael had us "prank" our neighbor by laying out our clothes at 10pm the night before the "rapture."  Maren almost peed her pants laughing as she was laying out Avi's little clothes.

 Avi playing in our yard.

 Wendy, Zach, Avi and Michael hanging out at the end of the Cayucos Pier after our video with Stillwater Cinematography this Sunday.  Epic fun!

 Thanks, Zach, for taking a great picture with my crappy little point-and-shoot!

 Love how both Avi and Michael are using "the power of the finger" (inside joke between Maren and Michael).

Wendy, Avi and Maren.  Notice Maren and Avi's matching hats?!  Thanks Mimi and Boppy-a!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Avi loves her friends!

 Avi loves talking about and hanging out with her friends.  It is so fun to see her become more aware of the relationships around her and seeing her interact with other babies!

 Avi loves holding hands with Cousin Kendall.

Hugging "Nonny" Helena!

 Having Millie kiss her "boo boo".

I love the desperate look of love Avi exhibits during this embrace.
Avi shares with her friend Millie.  Sharing is a big "issue" with Avi (and all toddlers). They can be the sweetest things when they share - Avi will literally give you the food she is eating and hand feed you.  But then she can also scream and holler if someone picks up something she was only looking at.  It can be challenging trying to parent the sharing dynamics and be fair to your child and others' children.  But it is worth it for moments like these above.

Avi and Millie love being pulled around the neighborhood in this little red wagon.  They can sit contently in here for 30 minutes (which is like 2 weeks in adult time) as long as I'm pulling them around.
 Here they are visiting with Foxy, a neighbor's dog.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day in the Life of Avi

Here's an average day in the life of Aveah Dove...

Go to a music concert in downtown San Luis Obispo with your friends.  (OK, it was at 10:15 in the morning, and it was recorded music, but still Avi had fun with her friends!)

Dig in the sand with Daddy at the children's museum.

Dutifully turn around and look at the camera when Mommy calls for a photo op.

Celebrate victoriously when you've made it to the top of a 2.5' foam climbing structure.

Climb up it again.

Just be the most adorable child that ever lived...

Climb through a tunnel, and be proud of yourself just because.

"Operate" the "control station" of "space shuttle."

Play music with your toes.  We can know call you twinkle toes!

Empathically point at a bird up in the tree for us all to see.

Walk around outside the children's museum with Daddy while Mommy does a mini session of you two.

Pose like a pro.





and do it all over again!

Position just like Daddy is doing.

And finish the day with bath time fun!
Ahhh, to be Avi...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time and Now

Aveah was born just yesterday, but in 6 weeks she will be 2 years old!  How can this be?  Everyday when I put her to sleep, I feel like a drug addict or an infatuated teenager in love - I just can't get enough of her.  Sure, I'm tired at the end of the day and looking forward to having some time to myself, to share with my husband or work on my photography,  but I still long for her.  I think, I wish I knew her more or  I wish I would have had more time to just stare into her eyes today.  Mushy stuff like this.  When I hear her voice in the morning, I look forward to opening the door to see how she looks and what she has to say.  Each day is new and different with her.
Micheal took this picture of a dandelion in our yard.  One minute everything is brand new...

Avi came by and blew on the dandelion.  You can see the wisps of her hair in this picture.  So fleeting time is...  The next minute you are counting down the years you have left with your little girl.

My mantra to make sure I experience the most out of every moment God and Avi give me: 
Live in the now.

And who do I learn that mantra from, who teaches it best?  Avi! 
 Avi lives in the now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Egg hunting.

Avi's first (practice) Easter egg hunt was in Bishop on Thursday morning.  Mimi hid the eggs around our motor home campsite.

After Avi would collect all the eggs, she would sign for "more" (like she's doing above). Mimi would take her eggs and then hide them again.  Avi didn't mind!

I was surprised how quickly Avi understood the object of the game - she would pick up the eggs and put it in her basket and go on to the next egg.  Sometimes she would stop and open the eggs.  When she did, she would just let the treat fall out to the ground and not bother picking it up.  Guess she didn't get the whole object of the game...  we're sure that by next year she will have the candy part down.

On Easter Sunday we had a hunt at home with the neighborhood kids.

Avi in her Easter best.  (Sweater and shoes from Sitti, dress from big friend Nonny, tights from Macy, barrette and apple from Mommy.)

Top row: Canyon, Eden, Nicolas, Helena (aka Nonny) hiding, Ezra, Anna; bottom row: Avi, Levon.