Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 2013

Life is full of so many sweet moments with these people in my life...

Michael reading some of his childhood books to Avi.  She loves them!

I love how Avi interacts with the story.  As a former English teacher, I'm pleased by her comprehension levels!

It's is sometimes super annoying, but more times it's super sweet: every time I start brushing my teeth, Mila comes in and goes "uh uh uh" until I give her a toothbrush, too!  

My hiking partner!

feeding the koi.  avi shares with mila.

Mornings with Mila - before Avi awakes, the 3 of us hang out in bed for about 30 minutes.  Mila breastfeeds, talks with us and asks us to read her books.  Michael calls her "little cherub".  I smile and kiss and count my blessings!  Soon, Avi's melodic voice says over the monitor, "Mommy, Daddy, the green lights on."  Mila imitates the sing song in her own hum.

snuggling in the middle of the day!

Lucy the dog comes over to do clean up after Mila eats!

 Hiking the beach near Oso Flaco - we are so lucky to be alive!

Gigi's house!  We love to visit Gigi!

I sneak in and stare at, kiss on, and tuck in sleeping Avi all the time.  It's the one time I get her with out her squirming out of my arms….

 Avi loves to hug and love her little sister - and Mila loves it, too - most of the time!

 Just waking up from a nap...

"Mom, I'm getting really good at pouring hotta chocolate.  I think I'm going to be famous."

I literally turned around for 5 seconds to get something out of the fridge…

Usually, Mila gets to sleep in until her own alarm clock goes off (ah, the life of a child…), but this time Avi got to wake her up because we had to be somewhere.

Mila's getting old enough to sit and watch TV (for about 1.5 minutes!).

red sparkly shoes!

Avi making Christmas present art!

I locked Mila into the changing table at the public restroom so I could go pee real quick.  I looked up and she was giving me this disarmingly sweet smile smirk.  Oh, how I love this little person!

My birthday present!  A morning alone to read a book, have breakfast, soak in a hot tub and get a massage!  Thanks, hubby!

Walking to Halle to give Sarah a gift.

Avi's first time on ice skates!

We went to Madonna Inn in their new very pink dresses from Sitti!  Everyone in the place commented on their cuteness.