Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Pedersen Christmas

Some of the only rain we had in 2015!

Mila finding safety and warmth in Daddy's arms

Not kidding, we gave them pennies & they entertained themselves for hours (yes, over two hours!) by inserting them into the coin slot, then pushing the button & having them come out. Completely oblivious to the game above them.

Reef looking at Mila's food! Classic!

Dick and Ziah couldn't handle all the fun!

opening up the bounce house!

Brant trying to get Avi to nap while listening to podcasts.  One word: unsuccessful.  

Oh, Reef!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015

Polar Dip!  I took this year off since I had a little baby and was still spotting from Ziah's birth.  Lucky me!

Mila watching the crazy people dip!

Already smiling!

Date day with Michael and Ziah as Sitti had the bigger girls in Fresno.  We went wine tasting, to a movie, ate out and just enjoyed our new baby and each other!

working, editing photos!

walking the dunes with Ziah and Michael

at Herb's office

I'm so happy to have my Mila back!

picking sour grass at Nature Gang day!

we had a nature expert lead us and teach us about plants on this day!

goodbye Julie girls date (with baby Z, of course)!

met a nice woman on the beach who gave Avi a little ride.

annual Christmas tree burn

Mila was afraid of the large flames.  

going pee!  in such a beautiful place!

not a bad view for breastfeeding!

so pliable!

playing hide-n-seek

I love this silk sling.  gonna hang on to it for my girls to use with their kids.  fingers crossed!

Neighbor Amanda had some huge voluntary sunflowers spring up!

after BooBoo's music

for a while, Mila fell in love with rocks.  She'd collect them and call them her baby and carry the same one around until she lost it, then get another rock baby.  She's such a little lover.  

She got all dressed up in her swimsuit and thought if she just put it on that would mean we are going swimming.  Poor thing, we ended up just taking a bath instead.  

my first trip to the grocery store alone with 3 kids.  I'll admit I was a little nervous!

me and Ziah slowly sledding down a sand dune

Halle made washing dishes fun for Avi!  

The women who were at Ziah's birth.  Edana and Michelle and I'm blanking on the woman on the left's name.  Oops!

baby seastar!

one of the most beautiful negative low tide days - ever!

another lovely Nature Gang day exploring Los Osos Oaks Preserve

smiling on purpose now!

Avi and Macy had a blast in their little canoe on the Avila beach river.

she's smiling constantly while swimming - she loves it!

crying because she's not getting the whole bar to eat.  I love how kids can go from happy to insanely sad, then back to happy in the matter of 2-3 minutes!

hiking class - we are second from left

this book was so inspiring and helpful!  to sum up my favorite idea: I'm so glad God made each of us individual and unique and I'm glad that I can unschool so that each kid of mine can become their own person and follow their own God-given passion(s) and not just be plopped down on the compulsory-school-conveyor-belt.  

Santa Barbara Zoo with friends and giraffes!

A classic Aveah Dove meltdown over jam not spreading on her toast properly. I asked if I could photograph her so we could remember this someday. She consented.  Just so I don't forget the hard times when I'm old & missing these days so...

double chin love.

candy necklace from the Halcyon Store

I love it when they pick out their outfits - it's like a random act that will never be quite the same ever again.

Oh man, this room can get soooo messy so quick.  

A little Mila photo shoot inspired by the green sweater found at a clothing swap, and the red hand-me-down boots from friend Viola.

Avi climbs into Ziah's bed to unzip her when we hear Ziah waking up.  And Ziah loves it! She wakes up smiling.  We are blessed and lucky and in love!

I love Mila's little buns.  (She scratched her own nose, somehow!)

I love how they play.

Susan, who comes to read to the girls on Thursday mornings, has been begging to hold Ziah for a while now - she finally got the chance!

Sometimes the only way I can capture them still is while they watch TV!  Ha!