Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Passport Pictures

Avi is becoming an international traveler. She will summer in Canada this July. So, (since many terrorist are infants), she had to get a passport! Here are the finalists for her passport picture, with comments below each contestant.

Michael wouldn't let me use this one - though it was my first pick. He said she looked "too mature"!

This one is super cute, but maybe not for the next 5 years (after 5 years, children have to renew their passports & hence get a new picture).

I didn't know if they'd allow hands in the picture.

This is another cutie, but the hand disqualified it.

The winner!

My Dad's a Sucker.

My Dad, Avi's maternal grandpa, is a sucker. He is the quintessential doting Grandpa. The one who says, "My grand-daughter is the prettiest in the world. And I'm not just being partial; she really is the prettiest baby - ever." This from the guy who chided his peers for becoming too goo-goo ga-ga over their grand-babies. So, when I see him playing with my little girl, I get really happy inside, but I also smirk, thinking, Mister Tough Guy ain't so tough anymore, is he?!
Papa Paul and Avi.

It makes me so happy that my dad can enjoy my daughter because when we were kids, he had to work so hard, he didn't get to spend a lot of time with us as infants. Now he's getting his chance!

Bath Time Eyelashes

Michael was inspired to do this series of pictures after looking at Aveah's long, dark eyelashes that had got wet from her bath water. Mommy was sitting in the bat with Avi, enjoying this bath-time fun!

Avi's eyes are changing color ever so slightly. They seem to be getting less blue and more green. What do you think?

I love this series: 1. Avi bits squeeze ball (which squeezes out water through a tiny hole).

2. Water from tiny hole hits the back of Avi's throat, causing her to gag.

3. Two seconds later she realizes she's okay after she looks up at mom and sees that everything all right.

Wine Tasting with Avi

We went on a mini-vacation with Avi to BridleWood Winery in Santa Ynez. It was a perfect day with our perfect baby.

Avi wearing the dress Cousin Meagan bought her in Spain.

Hanging out with Daddy.

While outside she wore this hat. One woman stopped and said she looked like a Petunia flower.

Avi's first horse experience. BridleWood Winery is an old horse rehabilitation center.

Avi and Mommy, happy in each other's arms.

This is the front of the winery. Stunning, but not as gorgeous as what Mama has in her arms.

Great Nana & Great Pap-Pap

Isn't it amazing how much Great Nana and Avi look alike in the picture? That same mischievous, contagious smile.

Avi soaking up all the love from her great-grandparents.

Avi gave her great-grandparents a foot mold in clay from her foot prints. How considerate of you Avi.

Michael, I want you to take a picture of Avi looking up at me like this. This is too adorable - I can't stand it!

Help! My arms are too short!

I absolutely love how Avi's arms, we'll all baby arms, are "too short". Because of their abnormally large noggin, the arms look dwarfed in comparison - this is completely evident when they raise their arms over their head and all that sticks above is their little hands and wrists. We especially love it when Avi flops her arms above her head and then back down at her sides. We try to imitate her, but our long arms just go flopping wildly up in the air.