Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

Avi and Mila went to stay with Sitti for 5 whole days while we prepped the house for baby three, shot a wedding in LA, and just enjoyed being a couple again!  It was nice but also so lonely.  We really missed them.  Thankfully, we knew they were having fun, fun, fun with Sitti and all their cousins!

At a birthday party in Fowler!

Little Raji had a crush on Avi!

Avi loves Karriemen! 

Michael and I shooting the LA wedding

Going out to dinner - just the 3 of us! (baby three joined us, of course!)

Meanwhile, Sitti sends us photo updates of cute things the girls are doing!  Mila and her hat!

Michael painted our room white (it was avocado green)

And we bought two iron beds for the girls and re-decorated for them.  They loved coming home to a new room where they would both share a sleeping space for the first time!

We also did a family shoot while the girls were away.

comparing bellies!

When we met back up with the girls, Avi wanted to make money.  I suggested she sell water for a dollar the park. So, she made a sign, packed up 5 waters and pushed them around in her stroller yelling "water for sale, one dollar".  She would sell one or two, then play on the playground, then sell a few more then play, etc.  Sitti was amazed that she sold all of them in less than an hour!

Bath time in Sitti's sink!

The girls love Sitti's cooking!

Sitti got water toys for them to play with!

Mila's not-so-chunky legs anymore. Boo hoo!

Yesterday, Mila said, "I love you, Mama" for the very first time! We were just sitting at the kitchen table together, she was eating a Clementine orange, and mumbled those sweet words to me.

At home in their bedroom together - they love it!

Avi "reading" to Mila and Angelina Ballerina!

Potty together!

Mila dressing herself!

Yummy - cake prop for a shoot gets eaten by pregnant Maren and friend Korinna.

Mila and Viola bums.

Lina, Mila, Viola and Avi - future tan lifeguards.

Avi driving Mikey's toy car

Best thing about being pregnant is people feed you!  I went through the sample line at Trader Joe's twice and the guy told me to come back a third time!  That days offering: cookie and ice cream - so I said yes!

It's like 6:30am and Mila just woke up.  She's placed Baby Rica and herself in position and asked for a picture.  Should we be worried?!  

"Rocket" with Julian.  He can make Avi fly and she LOVES it!

Tierra Nueva beach party!

Avi and me in the glow of the fire.  

Because Mila can pull it off.

nude art at the next level!

Blackberry picking!

Ice cream treats after a common meal.  Mila, Maren, Avi (sitting with the big girls) Gianna and Tenaya.

Visiting Rachel at AGHS.

Aryn carrying two kids and balancing a box on her head (while the men just take pictures!)

Mila is so into Elmo so we bought her a stuffed toy.  She was thrilled!

Mila does her own painting, but usually on her own self - not a canvas!

Looks like Mila did her own make-up again.

Reef and Mila share a bath.

Avi jumps in, too!

 Cousin bath time!

Uncle Brant making Avi laugh!

Litte Reef!  Can't believe he's so big already!

Aryn the human blanket at the Elks pool.

Mila arranging her toys!  I love this girl!

Maren trying to do Rocket with Mila!

Avi helping her sister Mila reach the elevator button.  What a loving thoughtful sister Aveah is!

Morning popsicle!  Get dressed warm so you can eat a frozen treat at 7am, Mila!

Farm walk with Macy, Avi and Tessa!  Tessa is teaching Avi it's "ok" to get wet from the sprinklers.  I've told Avi that tens of times, and even shown her that I get wet, but it just takes one time from a peer to convince her.  Thank God for all the teachers in her life!

My husband is so sexy!  I love him!  He even looks sexier with a kid in his arm.  

 How Mila got me up in this tree: "Me monkey. Mama monkey."

Michael's has been so sweet and let's me sleep in most mornings with this pregnancy - he really is the best guy!  I woke up one morning and looked out my window and saw this familiar scene of the girls playing in the yard contentedly.  Avi is swing and Mila is putting things in the wagon.