Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Side by Side

Aveah 10 days old.

Mila 10 days old.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mila's Walking!

At age 14 months she started taking a few steps - like up to 5 and then she just stopped or 2-3 weeks.  Then at age 15 months she just started again and really never stopped!  

It's not her birthday - this is just a balloon her sister got at Madonna Inn on a date with Daddy.

August 2013

Let me start with saying I realize time and time again how full and wonderful my life is right now.   It is sort of surreal to realize that you are living some of the best moments of your life - right now, right in front of you.  I ache for my kids when I'm not with them - don't get me wrong, I think it's healthy to give both of us breaks from each other, but even when they are sleeping I secretly wish they would open their eyes so I can look into them.  

Having said this - having 1 and 4 year olds is busy and trying.  But mostly it is full of love and beauty and everyday is new and exciting.  Thank you God, Michael and my beautiful girls for this dream of a life I am living.
 a meltdown before we go grocery shopping.  I can't even remember what this one was about.  We have 1-5 of these a day with Avi.  Funny thing is later that day she can't even remember what she was crying about either!

Mila in the grocery cart wearing banana 

Kidical mass!

could she get any cuter?!?

 National Breastfeeding week tent at SLO Farmer's Market so Mila and I supported it!  She always has this fresh and ready-to-conquer-the-world look after she's fed with Milk!

Avi and I have the same silliness!

I went on a 48-hour girls trip to Esalen!  Michael brought Mila up 2 times on one day so that I could breastfeed her and then I pumped a couple of times.  It was beautiful, but I missed my girls!

I hot tubbed 2-4 times a day!

Avi visited for lunch.  I love this interesting person!

Michael took Avi exploring Big Sur.

Yummy Esalen food.

outdoor morning bath with popsicles!

We drive by the cemetery at least 3-5 times a week - it's between our house and the freeway. Avi has been asking to stop there and see it.  On going to the cemetery "this is my first time here!"  Afterwards she said, "It was really pretty like Ariel, and there were balloons and pictures [on people's gravestones]."

A picnic on the Green.

I love this person!

She will purposefully lay her head on the table because she knows we think it's super cute.

My little package.

Avi is so grown up and mature while feeding the chickens. I am continually impressed by the person she is!

Helping mama deliver eggs to our neighbors.  Sometimes, she will pick flowers or fruit to deliver along with the eggs.

Mila go sick and when she would sneeze, this would come out.  Poor baby!  Poor mama who had to wipe that up - you owe me, Mila!

Aveah on a beach date with Daddy

Breastfeding and cooking eggs - all before 8am.

Mila's first goat feeding.

I LOVE her outfit!  She picked it out all on her own.

Learning to walk!

Mila knows how to pick her own oranges from the tree in our front yard!

Soaking up the minerals at Avila Hot Springs!  They like to swim and soak and they always sleep better after a day in the minerals!

Avi took this picture!

Mila loved the waves and water!  She would crawl right out to it!

One of my favorite pictures of all time!  Avi so happy for her sister up in the air, Mila having a blast and mommy is in heaven!

Of course Avi gets a toss up in the air, too!  What a sweet little thing!

She can stand on her own for a few seconds!

Looking up at Daddy - I love this!

An afternoon at Avila Bay Club

First day of "school" - homeschool!  Everyone's back in school or preschool, but we get to hang out and do what we want!  So, BooBoo music today!

Avi likes to sit on Teacher Heidi's lap!

Mila hangs out on stage!

chocolate croissant fix (leftover from Montreal)!

Michael and I on a date night at the hot springs soaking and watching a movie!

Avi walked to the Halcyon Store and got a $1 bracelet.

She holds my fingers while she breastfeeds to sleep.

Avi put us all in yellow dresses today.

our neighbor Lucy

Helping me do the laundry (with wings on)!

I love this man - he is so capable!