Friday, October 31, 2008

Is that a positive?

After trying only once, we seem to have done it. About 2 days after I should have had my period I knew something was up. Oh my gosh, I thought, it really worked

I guess we thought we'd have several months of trying to lead up to the real thing, but no. After church last Sunday, Michael and I pulled into a Rite Aid parking lot. Full from drinking "liquid love" (Pastor Jose's term for coffee), I ran inside, found a pregnancy test, and rushed to the bathroom for the moment of truth. On the way in I was intercepted by a store employee. "You can't take merchandise into the bathroom," the shrewd lady said. "This isn't merchandise - this is a PREGNANCY TEST, and I need to go pee now!" The lady had no mercy so, hobbling with legs crossed like a four-year-old, I trudged to the register and bought the test. 

Four minutes later, sitting in the car with Michael again, we found out what would change our lives forever - we were adding another person to our family! Whammy! Just like that. Michael's reaction was a bit of disbelief: "That second line doesn't look bright enough - maybe it's not really a positive." I was like, come on, be happy, but Michael doesn't work that way. It takes him a while to settle in to things. But by the end of the next night, Michael was kissing my belly goodnight... now that's better!