Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014

avi off far in the distance exploring the dunes with daddy

a favorite hide-n-seek spot!  (except Mila will climb in there with her and give her away!)

both girls occasionally get "time outs" during bath time - usually if they splash too much and it comes out on the floor in puddles or if they are pour water on the other's head without asking first.  here, Avi is waiting patiently to get back in the fun!

Avi says when asked what she wants for her birthday, "I want Sleeping Beauty to pick me up and throw me in the air and catch me.  Or I want a Barbie set."  At bedtime, Avi says something like, "Awww… It's boring going to bed," and we will hear her talking to herself or sometimes singing herself to sleep.  (She used to sing herself to sleep every night when she was about 2 years old!)  She sits in this hammock chair almost everyday for about 20 minutes and just swings herself usually while munching on something.  She loves to have her friends over and loves to swing or play with her sister.  She sings really, really loud and usually makes up her own songs, though she knows a ton of songs by heart.

Mila is completely potty trained!  She was really motivated and so was I!  It's awesome and so cute to see her walking around in these tiny tiny underwear that are still so baggy and big on her small little butt!  She is also becoming very verbal.  She never mastered sign language, though we practiced it with her often.  She decided to skip straight to verbal language.  She says many short sentences, like: "Avi happy", or "me open", but sometimes she will say a full sentence, like "daddy is home now."  She cries when babysitters come, she may be copying her sister who started saying "mama dada don't go!" when we go on dates, but both are fine about 5 minutes later.  Mila loves to make messes when she eats - we call it her "science experiment" though I will be happy when she can eat cleanly!  She loves cheese and fruit.  She gives great hugs, and blows kisses to everyone!

Avi sang "Let it Go" at Children's Art Night at TN.  Mila joined her on the words she knew.  Michael and Avi did a stand up comedy routine of about 4 jokes, too!

Mila and Gigi!

Mother's Day hike with Mimi through Sweet Springs

Michael took Mila & Aveah to the dunes and this is what happened to Mila!

About 10 weeks pregnant!

Mila not wanting to go swimming or even see the pool.

We tried to get Avi to sleep on the floor in our room, so we could be close to her, but she wasn't that interested after a few days.  She's still so squirmy and trashes around in bed it's literally impossible to sleep in the same bed as her.  

Avi at her field trip to the pizza place to make her own pizza!

Michael the daddy of the year!

Michael and I had a date to a photo scavenger hunt in downtown SLO for an Instagram meetup. It was so fun!

afterwards we met with the same group at the beach for a bonfire!  here's Zachariah and Maren

Michael (in his boxers) and Zach went on the Polar Dip

Mila helping us pick lemons at TN

All strapped in for a bike ride!

PHO finally in Grover Beach.  It's not all that great, but it is Pho!

Mila at Avi's parent participation class.

Little baby toilets all over the house right now - Mila's potty training.

Mila's getting her face painted at Kendall's fifth birthday party with the Frozen theme.

Normal post-meal face.

Hotta chocolatta!

Avi drew this for me while I was away for the night on a girls trip.  Michael texted it to me and it made my heart melt with joy!

Sarah, Maren and Corrin slumber party at Bacara in Santa Barbara!

poolside living with no kids asking us to do anything.  we just sat for hours.  ahhhh!

the view from our room.

But then I came home and saw this!  Oh, how I love them!!!  Could anything be cuter?!

And then Avi painted (literally) my toenails!

I'm so blessed!

Macy and Avi jumping from bed to bed in Macy's room.

Avi, Tessa and Macy!

Parent Participation snack time!

Teacher Dina reading.

TN work party day - these kids volunteered to do trash pick up.  It was a contest who could get more!

I took Avi on date to see Peter Pan at Clark Center.  She was afraid of Hook, but afterwards, when she saw him in the lobby she wanted to conquer her fears and go meet him.  Isn't that cool?!