Monday, February 24, 2014

Family in February!

Gigi with her 4 great grand kids!

Cousins learning together!  

sand box fun - something that actually entertained all four of them for more than 2 minutes!

Mimi taking care of feeding them all!

playing games while waiting for dinner - the life with 4 kids under 5.

met up with the Dudleys and Gigi and Brant and Aryn for dinner in Morro Bay.  Fun night - kid friendly room, great beer, Michael infamous menu choice!

Boppy stepping up!

 …and then Mila took note of Finn's penis.  The below picture is hilarious with her pointing at it and just thinking "What is that?!?"

That time we put 8 kids in the love pit couch to watch Bubble Guppies so we could have about 4 minutes of adult conversation.

both picking their nose!

Count.  There are 5 of us in our tiny bathroom, and 4 iDevices!  (Finn's using one going poo, Brant has two, and Avi is using one.  Mila is looking at Brant's and Maren's brushing her teeth.)

tidepool exploring with all the cousins!

all 8 cousins, in a row, from oldest to youngest (4.75 to 1.25)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gotta Get Out of the House!

I've had some cabin fever with my hurt leg, so when Michael's up for taking us out I am ready!  Continiously I'm reminded how blessed we are to live so close to so many fun and cool things!

Looking at the seals at the end of the pier.

Fat, happy, napping seals!  We threw salmon down on top of them and they slept through  it - except for one seal who was awake and swimming - he got all the food!

The seal (and some birds who tried) to get all the fish!

tidepooling with a cane.  tricky but worth it!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Portrait of a 4.75 year old and a 1.75 year old

I had my camera out the other day and I wanted to get just a nice portrait of Aveah because she had her hair braided back off her face and I could see her well.  Of course, once I snapped a few pictures of Aveah, Mila wanted her picture taken, too!  We're so blessed we have good equipment to capture their ever changing faces.

Mila trying to say ''cheese''!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Parent Participation for Two!

Mila is really starting to enjoy Avi's 3 & 4 year old parent participation classes. When we arrive at school, she's as anxious to get out of the car as Aveah is!

 I love watching them play together.  This picture really makes Avi look much taller thank Mila.

Silly Mila crawling across the floor with her tongue hanging out!

Mila does pretty good at sitting down during circle time!

Avi has her name tag and is ready to go!

Silly Avi acts all crazy happy when her name is sung during opening circle song.

Mila entertains herself when circle time gets boring for her.  Avi is concentrating on what Teacher Dina is saying. 

Avi is running to pizza toppings on, while Mila is very upset because she didn't get any toppings herself. 

Mila's doll, Mila, Avi, and Mimi all dancing!

snack time!  can't believe Mila is big enough to sit at the table with all the 4-year-olds