Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

I did a photo shoot of her friend Millie's family and I asked her if she could be my assistant.  She carried my bag, naturally stayed out of the frame, and entertained the baby to grab his attention for the camera.  She was amazing!  How cool is that!

Halle, Millie and Avi.  And watermelon.

She gets so happy when people open her presents.  She's a natural giver.


We didn't even have to put quarters in…!

Watching the train come around in "Boc" Burnsteins.

A whole bunch of 5 year old girls on ice cream!

A Wednesday morning on our way to Boo Boo's!

A very dirty Mila after Coyote Pups

Gianna - the "big" girl in the neighborhood - all the little girls love her!

Mila fell and Eden picked her up - what a loving girl.

There was one extra piñata left over from an adult party so the kids got to have a whack at it.  

Mila just watched.

Avi is mad because Mila is not doing what she wants.  I get this same expression sometimes!  Mila is oblivious.  

watching the bigger kids hit the piñata.

love and laundry.  my life.

on a walk to the farm.  mila eats an apple picked on our property.

huge corn!  like 10-12 feet tall!

blackberry and raspberry pickin'!

Mila got her feet stuck in some briars.  Sad girl gets carried by mama.

Linus, Holland and Erin joined us.

A normal morning with Mila!  She packed her baby in a stroller along with some food for the journey!

Michael and I went on a date to shoot some star trails but realized we didn't have the right equipment - got this cool shot anyways because of the clouds and the city lights.

This photo shoot is inspired by Mila's belly which (if caught at the perfect profile angle) pops out like mine.  I had just started my 3rd trimester here.

Avi loves her new sister!  Mila is a little oblivious.  

Avi telling me something interesting.  

Baby Three gave us the most beautiful look during her second ultrasound to make sure that my placenta wasn't too low.  (Thankfully, it's fine!)  The ultrasound tech didn't capture it on film, but I got to see her little face and just fell instantly in love - she's gorgeous!  I can't wait to meet her and hold her cubby little self!  Avi also got to be in the room and see her sister.  She was pretty amazed!

Mila, Avi, Vienne and Eva

Waiting for daddy to come home from work…

Mila just loves her "teepee" at Outside Now!

I love going to see the girls asleep in sweet dreams!

The cutest outdoor toilet at Outside Now!

Avi happy to hug a huge live stuffed animal at SLO Thursday Farmer's Market.

Playing in the teepee

Teacher Robin and the kids checking out scat on the trail.

Benny, June, Mila and Avi at our first wanderers group.

We threw a "goodbye party" for Mikey.  It included a treasure hunt - which included fake mustaches, of course!

Mila reading to her cat.

Asleep in my arms - nothing sweeter!

The Chinese Lantern Moon festival.  Trying to start an annual tradition on Harvest Moon. Tonight was beautiful with a huge moon and gorgeous clouds.  We had to stay up late (like 8pm) because the sun set late, and our girls were confused by the dark (usually they are asleep when it's this dark, their bedtime is around 7pm) and said, "This is what the dark looks like?"  Ha!  Obviously we need daylight savings to end so they can experience the dark!

My helpers!

Avi was in a "bad/sad mood" at dinner so I asked her if she wanted to have a fancy bath with candles and good smelling bath salts.  This made her feel better!

We've been eating lunch and dinner outside so much because the weather is so nice.  So Avi wanted to have breakfast out there, one day.  The thing is it's cold at 7:30am when we eat before daddy goes to work, so we had to all dress up warm!

Sitti came with her sisters to visit the Central Coast, so we visited her in her hotel room.  Mila and her snuggled on the bed!

Avi got Michael to fall asleep with her!

Dubbed "Daddy's door" by Avi!

Avi was having a hard time not screaming in the car, so she made this poster to attach to the seat in front of her to remind her not to scream!

Cohousing party - we let Avi stay up til about 9:30, she loved it!

The start of our weekly tradition of picking avocados with Caity and Colin!  So fun and so fruitful!

A walk on the beach with the Leaches and the girls and me.

Just a normal morning set up of beds and babies!

a homeschooling/unschooling meet up group of mommies and tons of babies at Amy Hughes house in Atascadero.  This is where I met the Wanderers mommies like Annie and Cassie!  (See little Jude playing with Mila?)

baby Vespa!

Avi loves going to the Melodrama in Oceano.  We took her on a date and she took Rica!

Learning how to write time because Halle was coming at "3:45"!

Delivering flowers and notes to neighbors in need!

They look like they could be sisters!  Vienne and Aveah.

Colin trying to teach Avi how to hold a violin.

I nap almost everyday when Mila is napping.  Avi watches cartoons contently.

Gosh I love Avi's writing and drawings!  Here's a birthday card for our neighbor.

James' third book signing party!  The kids love it!

Avi art!  I LOVE seeing her art progress and change and thrive!