Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

a normal morning scene.  Michael is letting me sleep in, so I come downstairs and see things like this when everyone has already been awake for 1-2 hours.

"Horsey!  Horsey!" says Mila.

Avi using the doppler to listen to her baby sister's heart beat.

A warm and gorgeous day on the beach!

Vienee, Eva, Mila and Avi play naked because we didn't plan on ending up at the beach and we never thought it'd be this warm!  By the end of the morning, every girl was wet and sandy!

Our last day of Outside Now for this year.

All the little Coyote pups.  Avi has her arm around Savannah.

someone caught a lizard and was passing it around!

Mila loves stuffing her self into my tiny purse basket!

Sharing a cup of coffee in the morning.  We had a sleepover at Grammy's!  Just 91 years difference between these two lovely ladies!

Mila's outfit cracks me up!

Finishing our last wedding of the year! I was 8.25 months pregnant!  Thankfully, we had a third shooter there, so I wasn't on my feet the whole 8 hours!

For some reason, Mila does this squinty eye thing when we ask her to smile!

Mila loves going to Trader Joe's (mostly, I think, to find Pearl the dog and get lollipops)!    But she even uses "trader joe's" in her imaginary play.  For example, at home, she'll put her babies in the toy stroller and say, "I go trader joe's."  Trader Joe's is probably the store that we frequent the most, so it's understandable!  Avi still likes going, too, but is no longer saying Trader "Droes" (which sorta breaks my heart - she's growing up!)

While Mila naps, if I'm not napping too, we do something fun.  Today we took an outdoor bath and listened to fairytale stories while soaking.

The post BooBoo's crowd: Maren, Mila, Viola, Avi, Lina.

Her little curls on the bottom of the heart… love it!

This is the only picture I have from baby Ziah's blessing way!  The other pictures got lost somehow…  It was a small, intimate gathering in my living room. About 10 women came and shared their stories and we just laughted and listened.  It was lovely.  Then, each woman gave me a card with a gift of time or help for after the baby comes.  I was so blessed!

Wanderers group playing in the grove by our house during a rainy day dry moment!

That ice cream I promised Avi after the pregnancy shoot she did with me and Colleen!  

Tiny ninja!

 Michael's tradition of belly blessings!  I love this man!  (Avi took the below picture - good job, Avi!)

One of my favorite images.  My two sweet friends, Hanna and Cassie, already loving unborn Ziah. Mila playing with her babies in the foreground,  Avi playing with the older kids off in the yard somewhere nearby.  Oh, my heart was happy.
 Ziah's blessing way.  It was such a heartfelt and simple ceremony.  We shared birth stories and each woman gave me a gift of time (picking up food from the farm stand, making smoothies, playing with my kids, a massage, etc)  Front row: River (half hiding), Hanna, Maren (and Ziah), Sarah Roos, Candia, BACK ROW: Pacha, Rachel, Amy, Steph, Caity, Cassie

Mila waking up from a nap!

Mila doing her make up!

Just another messy, yet full of learning, day in the playroom!

Avi caught a picture of me actually sitting down and eating and reading National Geographic (this is a rare moment of luxury for me)!  And what is that?  Michael cleaning up in the background.  Lucky mama!


Celebrating 14 years together!

See, Mila isn't always happy.  Here she's in a time away since she was pulling on someone's hair.  Gotta capture those "real" moments, too!

Mila with the big girls!

For my birthday I wanted a picnic lunch on the ocean.  The kids of the mommas that came gave me flowers for gifts.  They just kept running off, then returning a few minutes later with flowers and wishing me happy birthday.  It was sweet!

Tidepooling on my 35th birthday with Mila!

Thanks, Vienne, for the help carrying Mila back to the car!

We selected our turkey as a chick earlier this year, have seen it grow, fed it, and will pay for it's (tasty) flesh on Tuesday.  #sometimesiwishiwasvegan

Today, Avi confided to me that someday she will marry her 9-yr-old friend Malachi. But last week she was positive she was going to marry Mila.

Tooth drama - Avi lost her first tooth (the natural way) it was getting pushed out by her adult tooth which you can see below.  It didn't hurt, but she was really scared by the blood.  Once it was out she was happy and thrilled.  But the blood affected her.  Thankfully, we were able to talk about good bleeding and bad bleeding.  I told her mommy would bleed when the baby comes, but not to worry that it's good bleeding and doesn't hurt - just like her tooth!  

 They built an elevator while mommy slept in!  What a fun crew!

Cousins visiting for Thanksgiving!

Mila attacking Reef in the tub!

Mila does her own make-up.  

Mila, Maren, Kelly, and Avi on Thanksgivng at Gigi's common house.

See the cool house Maren built?  Maren and Michael have just as much fun with those blocks as the kids do!

Brant is totally asleep, pregnant Maren is just dreaming of what it'd be like to be able to be a pro-sleeper like Brant!

Aryn and all the kiddos!

Christmas parade in the village. Dan bought Avi and Halle some light sabers!

Michael stayed home because he was sick…  Mila was napping, so it was just Avi and me this year.