Monday, October 24, 2011

"Where Is Me?"

Avi says really cute things all day long.  I feel really bad that I don't write them all down.

The other day, she woke up in her car seat.  When she fell asleep, we had left Refugio campground with her friends, and when she woke up, the first thing she said was "Where is me?"

Later that day, while playing with  her shoes, she asked "Where's my left foot?"  I think she meant to ask, "Where's my left shoe?", but things get confusing when you're learning a language.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Path in 3 Minutes

The other day, I had my camera out to do a headshot of my neighbor.  Afterwards, I was standing in the path, talking with two of my neighbors while I still had my camera on my shoulder.  In the 3 minutes I was standing there talking, I shot this series of pictures.  Look what all happened and who all walked by.  This is why I love where I live.

The kids had a table set up to sell guava fruits picked from a nearby tree.

Avi walks up from a nearby house to see what's going on.

She sees mommy and runs to me.

Daddy comes by and Avi goes to his arms.  We go home, which is 10 feet away from all this fun and perpetual amusement.  It's like people watching at your front door - but you know all the people and they know you and your kid.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sir Levon of Lemonshire turns 4!

Sir Lemon's bouncy castle on the Village Green.

Avi bounced it up in the castle - Maren had fun, too!

Daddy and Avi both being kids.

Gianna, who is 8, grabbed Avi and rolled on the bouncy house floor with her.  Avi thought this was great!

Paula made these costumes for each kid at the party.  So cool!

Avi didn't want to be a party-pooper, so she stopped for a pee break in the cutting garden.

The kids running from one scavenger hunt location to the next.

Sir Lemon himself.

The loot.

The "horse".  (Monty Phtyon's Holy Grail reference.)

Paula and one lucky boy, Levon.

Avi climbing the slide.

Avi's first pinata experience.  I really dig how how she got into the theme of the day - she's jousting instead of swinging at the dragon.  

The birthday cake.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alaina and her family of 5, or how I got so tired, I couldn't think straight.

Alaina visited the other day with her 3 boys.  I want 3 kids or so I think.  At the end of the second day, I was dead tired (physically, emotionally, mentally).  I guess you work up to that kind of stamina.  She's my hero.   (To be honest, she made it look easier to take care of her 3 than my 1!)

Alaina reading to Troy (Troy Troy the Happy Boy).

Avi wearing Caiden's hat.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September Somethings...

Macy, Avi and Millie walking from Kruzberg Coffee to the SLO Kid's Museum.  Avi was in the 3rd day of potty training and had on these ridiculous plastic panty liners to keep "mistakes" in.  

We tested out a dance class for toddlers.  It was really just an excuse to dress your kid up in a tutu and watch other adult parents dance in front of their kid while the toddlers stared at us with mild amusement.

Tessa and Sarah enjoying the fan breeze at Boo Boo's.

Millie and Avi asked to play in Avi's crib.

Avi stated dressing herself.  Here's she's in 3 shirts, and 2 skirts, and 1 pair of leggings.  Cute!

Avi asks us to "take off clothes" and "get in bath" with her.  She loves playing in the water - and so does Michael apparently!

Boppy takes a break after wakeboarding to play with Avi on the swim deck.  Avi loved getting her feet wet!

Yes, I've got a good life!  Avi and I took a vacation up to see my parents in the Delta once again before summer ended. Michael dutifully stayed home and worked.  Thanks, Daddy!

Avi loved feeding the ducks.  They got to know her after the 3rd day and came up to the boat expecting food!

Someone recently asked why aren't there any pictures of her crying on your blog?  Well, the answer is because usually when this is happening, I'm holding her in my arms trying to calm her down.  But this time, I first pulled out my camera and snapped a shot.  See, parenting isn't always smiles and cuteness.  Sometimes it's scary!

Avi painting in "class."

Avi learned how to use the spray bottle, and she now likes to spray everything!

Avi squishing Halle between me and her at Boo Boo's.

Celebrating Dorian's birthday at Avila Barn.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Museums spell F-U-N!

The museums when I was a kid were fun in the fact that they were novel, but they weren't exactly rip-roaring-fun.  The museums we have in our area, are a BLAST!  I want to be a kid again!
 Avi and Millie play in the "farm" area of the Santa Maria Children's Museum.