Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 2015

Mila loves her dolls!

Avi is starting to take pictures on my iPhone. Here's a normal moment in my life right now!

I caught a chicken in the coop for the girls to pet and feed.

Caught daddy napping with Ziah in the outdoor tub on a Sunday afternoon!

Making mud pies.

She doesn't play in the mud as much as I remember doing as a kid, so I had to capture this moment.  Go for it, Aveah!

Date night.  We discovered a new beach at low tide.  This is one of my favorite things to do!  Michael ergoed Ziah.

Climbing carefully with Ziah.  It's not as steep as it looks.

Superbowl Sunday - so glad to be here instead of in front of a TV!

Sweet sleepy baby!

Nana and Mila.

These wonderful loving people we get to have as grand & great grand parents. Michael's dads parents welcomed me & my 3 girls into their house this afternoon - we were weary travelers through the Valley of Fresno. Old, but never tired, they cared for me & my girls. So sweet  it brought back memories of when they lived with us one summer - before kids - like a multi-generational long double date! PapPap reminds me of the things I love in Michael so: gentle, kind, knowing, deep heart, dedicated, contented, relaxed, manly, secure. Then he got his stubbornness & passion from Nana. And the strength of love.

Avi and Millie

This is usually how Michael carries our babies.  I think they look so pudgy and cute!

Michael and Mila playing piano!

Mila still sneaks into the ergo!

Mila and Max.

Two months old.  She's following us with her eyes (looking at her sisters in this image), smiling, and starting to "talk"!  She's a great sleeper - sleeps 12 hours only waking up 1-2 times a night to feed.  She sleeps in my bed or in the crib next to my bed.   She smiles at me when the sun wakes us in the morning and she would rather see her sisters than eat first thing.  

My doll Mila.

Mila's dolls (including Ziah!)

I've dreamed of hosting a home-schooling class in my neighborhood since we moved here 8 years ago, before we even had kids. Today that happened.

Avi loves taking on new rolls as big sister.  She often carries Mila across the street.  How utterly sweet is that?!

Aveah's adorable writing.  A letter for our neighbor, Amy Leach.  And a drawing of her. Ha!

In the morning with Ziah.  In her swaddle (she loves that thing).  I love her little curl!

what I should be doing instead of napping... but, instead, piles and piles of laundry just become the playroom slide grand finale!

Yes, sometimes this actually happens... and it's beautiful

Neighbors Gianna and Colin read to Mila.  

Ladies clothing swap in the common house!  Fun!

Dance class. Mila sneaks in!

Street vendors!  

a hike with all 5 of us! That's Avi running off, Mila on Michael's back, and Ziah on my front.  

sand angel

Aveah got so sick she actually napped in the middle of the day!  This never happens.  She was better by the next day, thankfully!

Daddy's birthday breakfast!

we have 7 types of avocados here on TN property, but only one "avi-cado"!

sweet girls - they giggle and love bath time!

could life be any sweeter than this?  not for me!

I love this piece by Aveah Dove!

Mila's first horse ride!

Oh, you're so cool Mila.  You always have been and always will be!

Mila breastfeeding Pink Ears her favorite doll.

Ziah breastfeeding on Maren - her favorite mommy!  See how her little hand rests?  Awww….

before we put in our "grass"

sick days.

better days

after the grass! So much better!

passport photos

the "Avi Dove Rocks'' shirt