Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Butchart Gardens

We explored Butchart Gardens near Victoria. The gardens, in all their lushness, were absolutely amazing! It was like Disneyland in how perfect everything was. It also felt like you were a character in Alice in Wonderland - all the colors were so intense they seemed unreal.

Avi liked it all. She even liked the carousel - something I wasn't sure how she would take. Not too brag, but there was only one other baby on the carousel, who was 1 month older than she was, and she did better than him! (He started crying mid-way through the ride, but Avi remained pretty calm the whole time, although she had her strong, protective daddy to lean on.)

Here she is when Michael first put her on. She's wondering what's going to happen. We chose the whale (instead of the tiger, ostrich, horse, etc.) because we thought it was most apropos for British Columbia's Gulf Island.
One excited little girl!

I love Michael's expression here. I love Avi's expression. I LOVE these people!

Daddy's arms always were there in case she needed some reassuring.

Oh, this is better looking out from Daddy's arms. I like it in here, I feel safe.

Strolling around the Rose Garden. Mimi and Grampy in the right corner.

Avi and Mimi at the Sunken Gardens - my favorite view.

Egmont, Population: 200

During our travels on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia we stumbled upon the tiny town of Egmont. No cell service, 1 wireless connection in the whole town, one coffee shop (only serves coffee - no decaf, no espresso, no soy lattes!). But this town had a whole lot of natural beauty! We stayed for 4 days - quite long considering there was "nothing" to do!

Avi, Mommy, and Mimi at the coffee shop that had a cozy green view of the nearby creek.

Avi learning to walk (up rocky hills).

Watching the Skookumchuck rapids (google that).

Biking back from the Skookumchuck rapids. Where's Avi? Look in the next picture to find out.

She was too tired, so we put her in the Ergo baby so she could sleep on the ride home.

Dancing with Mimi & Grampy at the most beautiful restaurant with a stunning view.

View from the restaurant deck where we ate dinner. Of course, by this time Avi was sleeping in the motorhome in the parking lot with one of us going every 5 minutes to check on her.

Bathing Beauty

Here I am with the bathing suit beauty. This picture was taken with our point-and-shoot cheapo camera. She was so cute in her little suit, the next day we went to the beach again, this time armed with our professional camera. Boy, am I glad we did. These pictures are my favorites to date of our little Avi Dove.

Walking confidently, holding daddy's hand.

Look at the way the baby fat rolls over the swim suit! Have you EVER seen anything as cute as this???

Sitti got Avi this matching suit, hat and even little robe. Avi got so many compliments on the beach, and we gave credit to Avi's Sitti Julia every time. Thanks, Sitti!

Life's not always a beach.

One sandy, and happy, little foot.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cousin-to-be baby shower & Snowboarding

Catching up from some old photos found. These were from March of 2010 - just 4 months ago, but it seems like years gone by! Michelle had her baby, Alana, since then, and the snow has long melted...
Mimi with Avi. Though you may not be able to tell from these pictures, this day was probably the climax of Avi's infant eczema. She had red bumps all over chest, and it was a warm day. Poor baby...

Michelle about 2 months before she was due.

Avi liked the giraffe. Great Auntie Dar is holding her up.

So this is what snowboarding looks like when you have an infant. We went to Sierra Summit with another family (Corrin, Josh, and baby Macy), and we got two hotel rooms next to each other. Most of the time, we moms hung out in the room while the two little ones played on the bed and our men played on the snow outside. We all had lots of fun!
Happy, content babies!

Gotta wear those sunglasses in the bright snow!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sea Legs - Avi's first steps!

On July 5, 2010 Avi took her official first steps while aboard the Pursnickadee! This makes her a sea-fairing-baby! Mommy defined her first steps as more than 2 consecutive forward motion steps, because one or two steps could be a stumble. Well, while my mom and I and Avi were hanging out on the salon couch, while the boat was under tow(!), and the boat was rocking(!!) - Avi took three quick steps from Mimi to Mommy's arms! It was really amazing. The next morning, she took several steps for Mimi. Then she took a couple days off. She is now standing a lot and will take a step or two if I hold out my arms to her. So cute. So scary (she's growing up too quick)!

Avi's first boat experience

The Pursnickadee, a 65-foot yacht, and our happy home for 5 days. We might be spoiling Avi for future boating experiences by letting this be her first boating experience.

When we took shore excursions in the dingy, Avi had to wear her lifejacket, as you can see, she didn't like it much.

Safe from drowning, the sun, the cold air, and from fun! Poor Avi...

Checking for pirates through the peep hole.

We went hiking while on a shore excursion in Montague Bay. Avi did some serious hiking herself!

Go Avi! Look at how dusty her little feet are. She really was hauling!

A happy family!

We hit some cold weather the first few days of our trip. Here is Maren wearing Avi and Peggy out on a cropping of rocks.

Mommy got to relax and indulge in a novel while on the boat since we had 5 other adults who would hold and entertain Avi.

Our Muffin Monster

Why Avi Needs a Yacht.

This isn't a superflous statement. Avi really needs a yacht - or more aptly put: her parents need a yacht to sleep Avi in so they can get some sleep. It's true, Avi has never slept better! The rocking of the hull in the gentle bay waters, the roar of the twin diesel engines, the exhaustion that comes after constantly adjusting your center of gravity while rocking along during the day on the boat... These are the things a luxury yacht can offer to exhausted, sleep-deprived parents. These are the only things parents are interested in! Sure, the 360 degree view while at anchor is breathtaking, the comfort of a central-heated salon while sipping warm coffee on the cloudy mornings is divine, and the full size kitchen and personal bathroom with teak accents is so much that it makes you wonder why you want to live on land, but really, the main attraction is a happily sleeping babe.

Michael, Paul, Peggy, Avi, and Captain Frank.

This is a serious yacht, with a serious captain Bette at the helm,

and a not-so-serious co-captian, Avi, at the wheel in the pilot house.

studying the charts, fearlessly navigating us through the Gulf Islands. Thanks, Avi!