Friday, August 6, 2010

Nursing Bras - You don't have a choice.

We live in America - land of the shopper. You can buy anything you want: a paperclip shaped like your dogs face, a car that costs more than someone else's house, cheese from around the world, a star in our galaxy (and have it named after you), over a million books on a million different subjects, and approximately 8 different styles of nursing bras. Wait. There are only 8 different styles of nursing bras? In a country where you can pick from 15 different animal skins to protect your car seat with (zebra, sheep, cow, etc.)? This doesn't seem right! But it's true. There are an extremely limited selection of nursing bras, and though this may not seem a tragedy, when you consider nursing your human baby the ONLY practical function of these lumps of heavy flesh that hang on the front of every woman's torso, you may reconsider the slim selection of nursing bras. You may consider it a tragedy - just like I do. Take Victoria Secret's for example. Possibly the most popular underwear store of our current time. Thousands of bras to choose from (leopard print multi-ways, fuchsia satin demi padded push-ups, bio-fit nude collection, to name a few). But how many nursing bras does this lingerie super house carry? Two. Exactly two. But, wait, let's not knock VS too quickly, they do carry them in a wide-array of colors. Two colors to be exact: nude and black. Walmart carries nursing bras that look like they are made for horses teats they are so large and unappealing. Target carries about 4 nursing bras. And there are a few websites that do have more selection, but prices start in the $60+ range!

Now how are we supposed to be encouraged to breast-feed our babies if we can't even look decent for our husband underneath our food-stained mommy-garb? America, you've gotta do better than this!

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