Friday, August 6, 2010

Traveling Canada

Near Desolation Sound on the Sunshine Coast. Maren's parents took Avi while Michael and Maren had a nice sit and chat on this rock while the tide rolled in. We had to jump from rock to rock to get back to dry land. This area was inhabited by First Nation People (Native Canadian Americans). What a beautiful place to live with the land. The water we were standing above was home to thousands of oysters. We could have picked enough for dinner - if we had a fishing permit!

Biking back from the Laughing Oyster - the best restaurant around!

Our first night alone without Avi should have been spent in style - so we booked a sphere ( and had an ethereal experience. Mommy, though she loved the time alone with her hubby, dearly missed little Avi).

Swimming the warmest waters on the Island (near Quallicum Beach).

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  1. Avi,

    We took care of you while your crazy parents went from a very small motorhome to an even smaller sphere to sleep in. Shortly after we put you down to bed that night about 5 or 6 young kids started riding motorcycles near our motorhome and we were afraid they were going to awaken you, but you slept right through it! I slept on the floor with you for most of the night to keep you comforted, but you did really good without your Mom! She was really anxious to see you the next morning.

    Love ya,