Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Books, hear me roar!

Our favorite thing in Seattle (even more than the caffeine) is the downtown public library. It’s a masterpiece of modern architecture and interior design and it’s spectacular not only for adults but for pre-literate 13 month olds as well. It’s truly an amazing house for books. Our favorite area is the red room/hallway-- where literally everything in sight is the same shade of bright, shiny red— and we were curious how Avi would react. Well, when we stepped out of the elevator and walked into the red hallway, it was as if we plugged Avi into electricity—she was fully jolted with excitement! She walked up and down and around the bright red halls while her happy screams (sounding like a prehistoric pterodactyl) bounced all over the place, and hearing the echo of her screams perpetuated more screaming excitement. People got a kick out of her reaction (and possibly some hearing damage) and stopped just to witness the spectacle of an ecstatic Avi.


All hail, Empress of the Red Room.


  1. Love the photos! Especially the breastfeeding shot! Yay!

    Oh, and I make really good lavender ice cream, too. You should come over some time and see how it compares... ;)

  2. Avi Dove, you are so precious, red room, red room! I bet you will be reading real soon. Your Daddy was reading when he was 4 years old. You will be reading alot sooner. xoxoxo Sitti

  3. Avi Dove!
    You may not remember me, since we met at the San Diego timeshare a short year and a half ago!
    You are by far the CUTTEST baby i've ever seen! Can't wait to see you soon!

    Love your eldest cousin,
    Miles Kochackis (:

    and by the way... my favorite color is red ;)

  4. great location to shoot and excellent timing on her in the red room!