Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Power!

You never really know what is going through a baby's mind. Well, that is definitely the case here. About 4 months ago, my mom noticed Avi would tense up, raise a fist or hand in the air, clench her jaw, vibrate ever so slightly, while grunting and looking at you intensely. I guess I had seen it before, but when you live with someone day-after-day some things just pass by you. Well, when my dad saw it, he promptly (and aptly) dubbed it "Baby Power"!

Since it comes without warning, and usually doesn't last more than 30 seconds, it has been extremely difficult to capture on film. Here are a few shots that don't do justice for the Baby Power pose.


  1. Go Avi!!! You tell them, girl! You know what you're talking about!! I love you so very much, my precious Avi Dove!!!! xoxox Sitti

  2. Avi Dove is so beautiful! I can't leave enough comments for this beautiful baby! But this one caught my eye because this runs in her blood from our grandmother (Michael and I, Avi's great grammy Carmen). Our grandmother talks with her hands just like Avi is doing in the top picture! Love, cousin Suzette.