Monday, August 16, 2010

The Multi-Million Dollar Bike Ride

While in Hood River, Oregon, we took an 8-10 mile bike ride with Avi, Maren's parent's, Uncle Brant, Aunt Aryn & her brother Joel. This bike road was the former highway along the Columbia River Gorge. It had gorgeous views throughout the ride and included a huge tunnel! Supposedly, this bike trail took about $13 million to make! (That's a lot of money right now Aveah, in case when you grow up gas costs $300,000 a gallon and a new pair of jeans is $2.5 million.) See, I feel rich, and indeed we are very rich to live in a country where we can experience such beauty and fun!

Avi's not in her seat in the front because she's asleep on Maren's back!

We found a really cool cafe that had a kid's section. After Aveah sat on Auntie Aryn's lap and got a story read to her, it was Maren's turn.

Grampy, Crazy-Lady Aryn (complete with bike grease on her face - where else was she to wipe it after having to replace her bike chain twice?), Maren, Avi (feeling and reciprocating the energy from Aryn), and Michael.

Multi-million dollar tunnel. Sooo fun to ride through - the wind was intense!

Avi pointing like Lewis and Clark did hundreds of years ago.


  1. I logged on to see your new car. what gives, no pics. Was super this morning(5:00am) in MB.Hot yesterday 91 in the shade.

    Post some Prius pics please
    Uncle E

  2. To our Little Avi Love Dove,
    We awaited your arrival into this crazy world and with lots of hard work from Mommy (and Daddy too) you arrived into a peaceful tub of warm water. You have given us much pleasure seeing your cutest little smile on the blog and watching you grow. It is hard to believe that you are already 14 months old. You are growing up so fast! Mommy and Daddy are very blessed to have such a precious little one and you are very lucky to have them as parents. May God always bless your life, We love you, Aunt Julie, Uncle Dave and cousins Meagan and Emily