Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ferry Cruising

We took a total of four ferries around the Gulf Islands in British Columbia this summer. Avi loved going out on the deck and walking around and wooing people with her cuteness.

Mommy holding Avi in the sling on a lower deck.

Inside one of the walkways from the auto deck, Avi's feet pop out the side of Mommy's waist as she is worn in the sling.

We found a door (under a stairway) that was just Avi's size. Now we just need to get her a toddler size Crew outfit.


  1. Avi's wearing her pinafore! Whee!

  2. Avi, you look so scared, you better not open that door!!!! Just kidding, you will never know what's inside unless you open THAT DOOR!!, I Love and Miss you so Much!!, Sitti