Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First ice cream experience. Actually, it's gelato.

Being silly at one of the nicest restaurants on Granville Island.

Avi loves playing peek-a-boo behind dinner napkins.

Furniture Shopping in East Vancouver. All I've got to say is Avi's got style.

Walking from Granville Island.

I love wearing her in the sling. She is so close and snuggly.

The coolest swing ever! Avi and I both got to have fun in it!

Look at Avi's expression. Don't see one? That's because she didn't have time to react. Michael zipped down that slide almost before I could snap a shot!

The women's restroom in one of the swankiest restaurants I've ever been to. Yes, that's red carpet in the restroom!

Avi grabbing some love from daddy. She was his dessert after his meal.

Here's what Avi chewed on while we weren't looking. Luckily, she spit it out!

Up past her bed time, but for good reason - Spain's firework performance in Vancouver (part of an international festival). It was the best show I've ever seen. Avi was just happy to not be sleeping.


  1. That swing looks like so much fun! Let's see if we can get one at PPP school!

  2. Wow Avi looks so much like Michael in that picture where he is eating her for dessert!!

  3. I just have to say, that Avi, is the luckiest little girl in all the world!!!! She has to best parents ever!!! Way to go Michael and Maren. Love all of you so very much, Sitti

  4. Avi, you look like your cousin, Megan, in the pic of you as dessert.

  5. Jamie Marie KochackisAugust 17, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    Avi I haven't seen you since you were 1 month old!
    You are sooo cute! Can't wait to see you soon!
    <3 XOXO Jamie Marie Kochackis

  6. Avi,

    We went on a bicycle trip completely around Stanley Park with you and your Mom and Dad. It was a fun day for us all. We are looking forward to riding around it again with you on a bicycle!!


    Mimi and Grampy