Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Butchart Gardens

We explored Butchart Gardens near Victoria. The gardens, in all their lushness, were absolutely amazing! It was like Disneyland in how perfect everything was. It also felt like you were a character in Alice in Wonderland - all the colors were so intense they seemed unreal.

Avi liked it all. She even liked the carousel - something I wasn't sure how she would take. Not too brag, but there was only one other baby on the carousel, who was 1 month older than she was, and she did better than him! (He started crying mid-way through the ride, but Avi remained pretty calm the whole time, although she had her strong, protective daddy to lean on.)

Here she is when Michael first put her on. She's wondering what's going to happen. We chose the whale (instead of the tiger, ostrich, horse, etc.) because we thought it was most apropos for British Columbia's Gulf Island.
One excited little girl!

I love Michael's expression here. I love Avi's expression. I LOVE these people!

Daddy's arms always were there in case she needed some reassuring.

Oh, this is better looking out from Daddy's arms. I like it in here, I feel safe.

Strolling around the Rose Garden. Mimi and Grampy in the right corner.

Avi and Mimi at the Sunken Gardens - my favorite view.

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