Monday, July 12, 2010

Avi's First Birthday

Avi turned one year old on a Sunday this year. We had shot a wedding in San Luis Obispo the day before, and were heading to Canada the day after, and had planned a birthday party in Fresno on the day of! We like to pack things in tight. On the drive to Fresno, at exactly 12:02pm, I was driving and I pulled over on the shoulder in the middle of nowhere. Michael asked why I was stopping. I said because this is the time she was born a year ago, and I needed a group hug. So we pulled her out of the car seat and stood there: Michael hugging Maren, Avi wondering what the heck was going on (and just happy to be out of her carseat), and Maren bawling like a baby. I cried because this moment marked the passing of my "baby" no longer being a baby - she is now officially a toddler. This last year with her has been the happiest year of my life. She has brought us so much joy. I cherished the moments that Michael, her and I would just lie in bed and look at each other - completely entertained and content. I will miss her "littleness" so much, and this made me weep. Life is way too fast ~ especially when you're having the time of your life. Goodbye, my little infant Avi. I loved you from the moment I met you.

Here are some pictures from Avi's Fresno birthday party. In attendance were: Grandpa Alan, Step-Grandma Jeannette, Mimi Peggy, Papa Paul, Sitti Julia, Step-Grandpa Jim, Great-Aunt Julie, Great-Uncle David, Cousins Meagan & Emily, Great-Great-Aunt Carolyn, Bob & Becky Chambers, Uncle Brant, Sophie, Mama Maren and Daddy Michael. (Great Nana Barbara and Great-PapPap Ed couldn't make it due to sickness.)

Wearing her "birthday girl" shirt, compliments of Sitti Julie, who always keeps Avi in style!

In between costume, err... clothes, changing. Her real birthday suit!

Cousin Emily hand made this card - sooo cute!

Avi trying to figure out these things called toys.

Walking in her birthday dress Sitti Julie got for her.

Uncle Brant normally would get the prize for traveling the furthest to come to Avi's 1st birthday party (considering he drove a motorbike 9 hours round trip, in 100+ degree weather, partially on dirt roads, which earned him the toughest-traveled award), but...
my friend Sophie, who came from Kenya, gets the furthest-traveled award this year!

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