Monday, July 12, 2010

Avi's first boat experience

The Pursnickadee, a 65-foot yacht, and our happy home for 5 days. We might be spoiling Avi for future boating experiences by letting this be her first boating experience.

When we took shore excursions in the dingy, Avi had to wear her lifejacket, as you can see, she didn't like it much.

Safe from drowning, the sun, the cold air, and from fun! Poor Avi...

Checking for pirates through the peep hole.

We went hiking while on a shore excursion in Montague Bay. Avi did some serious hiking herself!

Go Avi! Look at how dusty her little feet are. She really was hauling!

A happy family!

We hit some cold weather the first few days of our trip. Here is Maren wearing Avi and Peggy out on a cropping of rocks.

Mommy got to relax and indulge in a novel while on the boat since we had 5 other adults who would hold and entertain Avi.

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  1. Glad you guys are having fun! We are really missing you!