Friday, July 16, 2010

Cousin-to-be baby shower & Snowboarding

Catching up from some old photos found. These were from March of 2010 - just 4 months ago, but it seems like years gone by! Michelle had her baby, Alana, since then, and the snow has long melted...
Mimi with Avi. Though you may not be able to tell from these pictures, this day was probably the climax of Avi's infant eczema. She had red bumps all over chest, and it was a warm day. Poor baby...

Michelle about 2 months before she was due.

Avi liked the giraffe. Great Auntie Dar is holding her up.

So this is what snowboarding looks like when you have an infant. We went to Sierra Summit with another family (Corrin, Josh, and baby Macy), and we got two hotel rooms next to each other. Most of the time, we moms hung out in the room while the two little ones played on the bed and our men played on the snow outside. We all had lots of fun!
Happy, content babies!

Gotta wear those sunglasses in the bright snow!

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