Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Avi Needs a Yacht.

This isn't a superflous statement. Avi really needs a yacht - or more aptly put: her parents need a yacht to sleep Avi in so they can get some sleep. It's true, Avi has never slept better! The rocking of the hull in the gentle bay waters, the roar of the twin diesel engines, the exhaustion that comes after constantly adjusting your center of gravity while rocking along during the day on the boat... These are the things a luxury yacht can offer to exhausted, sleep-deprived parents. These are the only things parents are interested in! Sure, the 360 degree view while at anchor is breathtaking, the comfort of a central-heated salon while sipping warm coffee on the cloudy mornings is divine, and the full size kitchen and personal bathroom with teak accents is so much that it makes you wonder why you want to live on land, but really, the main attraction is a happily sleeping babe.

Michael, Paul, Peggy, Avi, and Captain Frank.

This is a serious yacht, with a serious captain Bette at the helm,

and a not-so-serious co-captian, Avi, at the wheel in the pilot house.

studying the charts, fearlessly navigating us through the Gulf Islands. Thanks, Avi!

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