Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Egmont, Population: 200

During our travels on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia we stumbled upon the tiny town of Egmont. No cell service, 1 wireless connection in the whole town, one coffee shop (only serves coffee - no decaf, no espresso, no soy lattes!). But this town had a whole lot of natural beauty! We stayed for 4 days - quite long considering there was "nothing" to do!

Avi, Mommy, and Mimi at the coffee shop that had a cozy green view of the nearby creek.

Avi learning to walk (up rocky hills).

Watching the Skookumchuck rapids (google that).

Biking back from the Skookumchuck rapids. Where's Avi? Look in the next picture to find out.

She was too tired, so we put her in the Ergo baby so she could sleep on the ride home.

Dancing with Mimi & Grampy at the most beautiful restaurant with a stunning view.

View from the restaurant deck where we ate dinner. Of course, by this time Avi was sleeping in the motorhome in the parking lot with one of us going every 5 minutes to check on her.

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