Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time and Now

Aveah was born just yesterday, but in 6 weeks she will be 2 years old!  How can this be?  Everyday when I put her to sleep, I feel like a drug addict or an infatuated teenager in love - I just can't get enough of her.  Sure, I'm tired at the end of the day and looking forward to having some time to myself, to share with my husband or work on my photography,  but I still long for her.  I think, I wish I knew her more or  I wish I would have had more time to just stare into her eyes today.  Mushy stuff like this.  When I hear her voice in the morning, I look forward to opening the door to see how she looks and what she has to say.  Each day is new and different with her.
Micheal took this picture of a dandelion in our yard.  One minute everything is brand new...

Avi came by and blew on the dandelion.  You can see the wisps of her hair in this picture.  So fleeting time is...  The next minute you are counting down the years you have left with your little girl.

My mantra to make sure I experience the most out of every moment God and Avi give me: 
Live in the now.

And who do I learn that mantra from, who teaches it best?  Avi! 
 Avi lives in the now.


  1. Avi and I blew dandelions in the park in Bishop during Easter (the park across the street from Schatz Bakery). Mimi

  2. Mimi, I believe you were the first one to teach her how to blow a dandelion "petals" off. Funny, because I remember you teaching me that as a child, and it is a warm, happy memory. Love, Maren, your daughter