Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Avi loves her friends!

 Avi loves talking about and hanging out with her friends.  It is so fun to see her become more aware of the relationships around her and seeing her interact with other babies!

 Avi loves holding hands with Cousin Kendall.

Hugging "Nonny" Helena!

 Having Millie kiss her "boo boo".

I love the desperate look of love Avi exhibits during this embrace.
Avi shares with her friend Millie.  Sharing is a big "issue" with Avi (and all toddlers). They can be the sweetest things when they share - Avi will literally give you the food she is eating and hand feed you.  But then she can also scream and holler if someone picks up something she was only looking at.  It can be challenging trying to parent the sharing dynamics and be fair to your child and others' children.  But it is worth it for moments like these above.

Avi and Millie love being pulled around the neighborhood in this little red wagon.  They can sit contently in here for 30 minutes (which is like 2 weeks in adult time) as long as I'm pulling them around.
 Here they are visiting with Foxy, a neighbor's dog.

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