Friday, May 13, 2011

The Perfect Afternoon

One of my favorite things to do with Avi is hold her in the Ergo Baby on in a sling.  I feel so close and connected with her and she loves it too (as long as I don't stop moving!).  I also love hiking and being outdoors.  So, hiking with Avi on my back is one of my favorite things... EVER!  That, and hot tubbing!  So, when a friend, Marta, visiting from Brazil wanted to get a tour of what to do on the coast, and I found out she liked hiking away we went!  Ontario Ridge dropping into Sycamore Springs with a picnic under an oak tree overlooking the oceano along the way.  Ahhhh....

This view reminds me of Sorrento, Italy.

Marta loves to climb trees.

Our picnic spot.

Avi loved the hot tub! We didn't let her stay in too long, but she had fun anyways!

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  1. What did you do that morning? ;) Glad you girls had a fun time!