Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oatmeal in my toes.

How does one get oatmeal in her toes?  Ask Avi, she seems to have mastered that feat this morning after she climbed on the kitchen table, rotated on her stomach so her whole body was flat on the table, then dropped her raised feet - toes first - into my unfinished oatmeal breakfast.  All this happened in the time while I was trying to move my hot cup of coffee out of her reach and secure the magazine I was (attempting) reading.
Besides getting into all kinds of mischief and strange circumstances, Aveah is doing something new and amazing everyday.  In fact, there is so much happening I am not writing it all down it happens to quick.  For example, she learned to say "triangle" yesterday.  It took her about 8 seconds to say the complete word, with about a two-second pause between each syllable, but she did it!  She's going potty everyday on the toilet, though she does still wear a diaper.  She'll pick up a toy and name the person who gave it to her - even after I've forgotten who it came from!  Avi will go to sleep after we've talked about something (like her friend, Nonny) and then the first thing she'll say when she wakes up will be "Nonny".  There is so much going on in that little mind of hers I can't imagine!
Some of Avi's current favorite things are: eating while on the run (still), going naked, jumping on the trampoline (12 jumps in a row is her highest count so far), climbing on the kitchen table and having mommy or daddy tell her to get off (repeat that about 4-20 times a day), singing songs and doing the hand-motions that go with it, pouring her food out of whatever container it is in, seeing and visiting people she knows, petting animals (dogs, cats, chickens...), predicting what will happen next in books (that she's already read), and giving great kisses on the lips!
Her daddy and I are thoroughly enjoying this stage of life with her!  Thank you, Aveah Dove.