Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Egg hunting.

Avi's first (practice) Easter egg hunt was in Bishop on Thursday morning.  Mimi hid the eggs around our motor home campsite.

After Avi would collect all the eggs, she would sign for "more" (like she's doing above). Mimi would take her eggs and then hide them again.  Avi didn't mind!

I was surprised how quickly Avi understood the object of the game - she would pick up the eggs and put it in her basket and go on to the next egg.  Sometimes she would stop and open the eggs.  When she did, she would just let the treat fall out to the ground and not bother picking it up.  Guess she didn't get the whole object of the game...  we're sure that by next year she will have the candy part down.

On Easter Sunday we had a hunt at home with the neighborhood kids.

Avi in her Easter best.  (Sweater and shoes from Sitti, dress from big friend Nonny, tights from Macy, barrette and apple from Mommy.)

Top row: Canyon, Eden, Nicolas, Helena (aka Nonny) hiding, Ezra, Anna; bottom row: Avi, Levon.

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