Monday, May 30, 2011

Aryn's Baby Shower!

My mom and me hosted a shower for Aryn, who will be having my first niece or nephew soon!  It was a lovely shower in Fresno with friend, family, food, laughter, and wine!

My mom found these amazing tulips for centerpieces at Trader Joe's.

Aryn and Brant's baby is due June 25.  Should the baby decide to come on June 27, s/he would share her/his birthday with Julana, Aveah and Dar, who are also born on June 27!


  1. YAY!! IT was so so wonderful thank you thank you Maren and Peggy and EVERYONE who came. And wow whoever snapped that photo of me and you is my hero... I don't have any photos of just us and that one is great we both look so happy. Little KFC will be here anyday and hopefully we'll have many more opportunities to share together. Can't wait!

  2. oh my goodness, Aryn looks GORGEOUS!