Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Spring Trip to Mammoth.

Our mammoth trip to Mammoth (7 hours in a car with a 1-year-old makes a trip a "mammoth" undertaking) was thwarted by bad weather and a nasty head cold in Michael. But we still got one (out of 4 planned) days of snowboarding in and got to see Mimi, Boppy-a (Grampy), and Uncle "Eat" (Eric).

We were going to wade with Avi in this stream where the hot springs dump into, but it was too hot. Probably 110 degrees!  That's alright, we went to the warmed spring pool and the hot tub in Keough Hot Springs for hours and Avi loved it!

Our little motor home nestled next to a huge boulder.  Cool.

This is what Avi does at 8:20 in the morning while Mimi is watching her so Mommy and Daddy can catch up on some sleep.  Thanks, Mimi for all the times you've watched her so we can sleep-in during the mornings. Seriously the best present!

Restaurant experiences are better when Avi finds a friend to play with.  Here is some little girl about a year older than Avi at a pub in Mammoth Village.

Avi loved strutting around Mammoth Village - she acted like she owned the place!

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  1. I LOVE whatever it is she has wrapped around her hair!!! She's such a doll!