Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Horsin' Around

 I love how Avi is sticking out her tongue in this picture.  Is it because she is really concentrating or is it because she is empathetically feeling for the colt who is trying to grab the carrot with his tongue...

 May 21, 2011... the rapture hit our family.  Michael had us "prank" our neighbor by laying out our clothes at 10pm the night before the "rapture."  Maren almost peed her pants laughing as she was laying out Avi's little clothes.

 Avi playing in our yard.

 Wendy, Zach, Avi and Michael hanging out at the end of the Cayucos Pier after our video with Stillwater Cinematography this Sunday.  Epic fun!

 Thanks, Zach, for taking a great picture with my crappy little point-and-shoot!

 Love how both Avi and Michael are using "the power of the finger" (inside joke between Maren and Michael).

Wendy, Avi and Maren.  Notice Maren and Avi's matching hats?!  Thanks Mimi and Boppy-a!

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  1. really great pictures! It's fun to see CA life with a toddler...