Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012

I'm doing a stiller walking class and Avi is the oldest kid in the class - so she does the exercises along with the mamas!

breastfeeding baby JayJay.  She's such a good mommy!

Cinco de Mayo Dress!

big boobs and big belly end up becoming a big napkin!

avi and millie hugging after swim lessons.  

Floating safely in her clothes.  Her survival swim class "final"

kissing Mila in the belly.

visiting EZ Eddy.

field trip day with parent participation to the fire station

Macy, Tessa, Aveah and Kendall

Avi in an art shirt.

Our "baby moon" at Sea Crest (comped a free night there for a photo shoot).  It was so nice!  Thank you, Mimi, for playing with Avi so we could get away.  We went to dinner and a movie, then came back and sat in the 99 degree hot tub under the stars!  It was so relaxing!

Enjoying our HUGE indoor tub!

The comfy window seat where I took a nap!

Blessing way for Mila at Lisa Jansen's house.  So blessed - has my feet scrubbed with blue cornmeal, went around and named our mothers and grandmothers names.  It was sweet!

Millie, Pacha and Avi.

Avi's first pony ride!

Yummy frozen banana and chocolate dessert!

Avi brought her doll Rico to my acupuncture appointment so Herb wrote a treatment plan for him.  

Play dates with Halle and Millie are so fun! 

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