Sunday, May 13, 2012

Easter Hunts

So, Avi got to participate in four, yes FOUR Easter Egg Hunts this year!  The first was Thursday night at Farmer's Market in SLO.  She really didn't know what to do, and so only got one little surprise.  The next morning we met some friends at a park and she really got into that.  Saturday Mommy was hired to shoot the egg hunt at a local hotel, so Avi and Daddy and Millie got to come along for the fun.  Avi was definitely into the spirit by then, but had to compete with much older kids.  That's alright - she had fun anyways!  Finally, on Easter Sunday, the culmination was at Great-Auntie Ericka's house with only about 30 of her second cousins or so!  There were probably 10 kids under 5 - right in her age range.  She had so much fun getting to meet and make friends with her little cousins!

Friday's hunt at Cuesta Park.

Saturday's hunt at Sea Crest Hotel.

 And Sunday's hunt in Kingsburg.

Avi fell in love with Cousin Karriemen!

Avi entranced by one of her infant cousins.

Sitti helping Avi get in line to hit the piñata.  Avi was first in line because she was the youngest of those that could swing a bat, but she decided she didn't want to try and swing and just watched instead.  

Waving hello to a cousin (there were so many I can't even remember which cousin this is!)

Chocolate face. Boy there was a lot of candy this day!

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