Monday, April 30, 2012

April 2012

a little boy in our neighborhood was selling these grape leave sachets filled with good smelling herbs.  so cute, I had to buy one!

Avi loves the swing in her yard!  She's pretty brave for 2-years-old!

one my way to a prenatal yoga class - beautiful! 

that time we forgot to bring a jacket for Avi, so Michael gave up his.   

Yosemite with Mimi and Boppy! 
A pretty good hiker! 
They had the coolest kids toy at the Awanhee hotel - wax strings to make numerous things!

Avi's first wishing well.  She wished for a: fish, diamond (the shape, I think, since she had just learned it), triangle, tree, car - a red car that matches my Prius, and another triangle!

Bowling.  Michael calls me his "cutie fattie" - not sure how I feel about that...

Aveah and Baby Finn!

Aveah bowling!

Biking around Santa Cruz with Brant and Finn!

outdoor bath with some neighborhood kids

Swimming with Aryn, Finn, Aveah, Maren, and Mila (in the belly)!

Avi and I went to see a day time showing of the ballet.  We lasted until intermission!

Sweet Avi sleeping with "Baby Jake".

Yummy farm basket from our local farm!

Avi, Michael and Millie playing at the farm stand.

Our chickens lay some BIG eggs!

Petting the pony!  The first 2 years it came to her school she was too young or scared to pet it  - but today she loved on the little pony!

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