Sunday, April 8, 2012

Local Fun & Parent Participation

 Just another day on the Central Coast.  We don't EVER take where we live for granted!  Every day I feel blessed and feel awe at the beauty that surrounds me 360 degrees!  Here we went to a casual dinner at the end of Avila Pier.  We could see seals in the water below.  We had to keep a close eye on Avi - that's a long drop to the water below!

 Avi has lots of fun learning and visiting her friends at "school".  I enjoy going with her and seeing her interact and learn.  I also look forward to talking to the other parents!
 Millie and Avi scoot around the gym.

 Teacher Kerri reads to the kids.  Just about 2 months ago Avi (and the other kids) felt brave enough to leave mama's lap and go up close to the book.  It's really fun to see each small developmental step in the life of a human being.

Another adventure we've done lately is going to ice cream and story time in the afternoons once a week.  Avi is so lucky!  This day we met Kendall and Katelynn and Sarah for ice cream, then went running across the suspension bridge afterwards.  

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