Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yosemite and Monterrey!

After Easter in Fresno, we headed to Yosemite with Mimi and Boppy.  It had been nearly a decade (whoa!) since Michael and I had been there.  It is really an amazing, breathtaking place.  Whenever I go there, I secretly wish that I had been a Native American who lived in the Valley hundreds of years ago!  Can you imagine running through the woods, the streams and seeing all the sheer magnificence above you?!  ~maren

 Paul and Michael rode from the tunnel down to the valley floor on their bikes.  They loved it!

 Once we were settled into our campsite, we went on a ride.

We went half way up Vernal Falls hike.  Geez, I don't remember this hike being hard at all, but then I wasn't 7 months pregnant last time I hiked it!

 Most of the time, Avi got held by daddy.  What an easy hike!

After a nice lunch at the Awanhee Hotel (compliments of Boppy and Mimi), we biked back to our campsite and saw a meadow full of deer grazing.  Avi really liked the deer!

After Yosemite, we headed towards the coast.  Unfortunately, the whole state was raining.  So, thankfully, Brant and Aryn let us park our motorhome at their house during the nights and we explored the Santa Cruz and Bay Area during the day.  (It was extra nice having a home base, because our RV leaked every night during the rain, and we had to use their dryer to dry our pillow and sleeping bags!)  
Above: We checked out Bumble, the swankiest parent hang out in Los Gatos!  Yummy food and lots of fun things for the kiddos!

Avi and Michael (probably Michael more!) loved the jellyfish exhibits at Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

Avi dressing up as a fish at the kid's center of the aquarium.

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